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capturekill s - Capture Kill Release (2017)

capturekill 213x300 - Capture Kill Release (2017)Starring Jennifer Fraser, Farhang Ghajar, Jonathan Gates

Directed by Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart

The majority of married couples looking to put a little pep into their relationship step will either take a much needed vacation, maybe try a little role-play, or sit down with a counselor and try to smooth out the rough patches and remember what it was like to first be in love. Co-directors Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart take that formula and turn it on its ass with a film that focuses on a young couple going the “thrill-kill” route in order to keep the amorous feelings flowing… stand back, little ones, cause it’s time to Capture Kill Release.

Jen (Fraser) and Farhang (Ghajar) are a seemingly goofy young married duo that just love to peer into the camera and babble on and on… oh, did I mention that this is a first-person POV film? Yeah, lucky, lucky me. So, with a fresh dose of anti-nausea medication rapidly pacing itself in my system, I forged on and watched these two yammer into the camera for the better part of 50 minutes or so before their first little bit of action was under way.

Now, when I say “action,” I mean the art of murder – and it’s one that Jen’s been obsessing about for a while, and watching her and her fella gleefully grabbing all of the things they need on the serial killer’s shopping list from the local hardware store was rather fun to witness. Even more amusing to watch, while the two sat in their car overlooking the park for a potential victim, was to hear Jen utter, “Pick your lobster from the tank.” An interesting way to look at it, indeed.

Their zeal for the end result of their planned-out carnage quickly turns to nervousness and obsession, and I’ll keep my yap-trap shut as to the remainder of the film’s details, but you can latch on to this for certain: A well-thought-out plan means nothing compared to the addictive after effects of said undertaking. Sad to say, however, that for a film that revved my hopes up for some serious brutality, I was left more than disappointed.

Aside from a decent gore scene (with stellar fx work), all this movie had to offer was a multitude of f-bombs, a little soft-core sex, and some seriously stomach-churning camera work. Both Fraser and Ghajar do work well together on screen in their portrayals as a couple whose marriage is faltering beyond repair.

Capture Kill Release is probably best suited as a “one and done” watch for those who want to light the flame in their unity with their partner. Better yet, don’t hold me to that… go see a shrink for a couple hundred bucks an hour, and play it safe.

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