Mom’s Voice (La voz de Mama) (Short, 2016)

Starring Fiorela Duranda, Cecelia Heroiina, Adrian Garavano

Directed by Mariano Cattaneo

The bond between a mother and daughter is one that can span miles, regardless of whether or not there is a separation by death, and after watching Mariano Cattaneo’s short film, Mom’s Voice, the only separation that is needed right now is between me and my skivvies…cause I’ve just soiled this pair.

The 5-minute short focuses on a young girl (Duranda), who misses her departed mother (Heroiina) something awful, and it seems like Daddy (Garavano) is only too quick to dismiss Mom’s passing as something she’s got to deal with. With sounds of her mother’s voice in the wind, and visions of her at night, the young girl hopes to be reunited with her parent someday soon. Now we all know she isn’t planning a return anytime soon, or is she? Is the little girl simply suffering visions of grandeur, or is there something much bigger going on here? Regardless of how this is interpreted, Cattaneo’s short-film is downright chilling to take in – simple, to the point, and pretty damned entertaining to boot. I’ll absolutely sign off on this one to check out if you have the time – give it a peek and see if it doesn’t make those little hairs on your neck stand at attention.

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