Muffin (Short, 2016)

MuffinStarring Gregoire Monier, Nathalie Coutorier, Citlali Le Clerre

Directed by Loic Jouenne

When I’m inundated with a plethora of films to check out for review, I usually like to start with the short presentations and work my way up (based on release date, etc), and while some of these movies I’m lucky enough to screen can knock my socks off, others fail to loosen up my laces…current presentation included.

Director Loic Jouenne’s odder-than-odd short film, Muffin is one of those quickies that I had to eyeball more than once just to see if I truly missed anything. This sub 6 minute exhibit starts off with an underwear-clad gentleman sipping tea in his living room (quite the unsettling piece of imagery), when a knock at his door reveals an uber-hot neighbor with a welcome sight: a plate of fresh muffins to be delivered as a sign of hospitality. When she offers to tidy up his small apartment, she makes a discovery that is quite distressing…and BAM! It was over – just like that, quick as a jackrabbit on a blind date. Somewhat interesting to occupy a few minutes, but overall this one was like a faucet running dry – you just keep looking at those pesky little drips until your eyes give out and they’ve eventually got to close. I suppose this one could rile up the psychological soul with interest, but this one fell fast with a very pronounced THUD at the end. Spare me the muffins, cause this fat guy wants donuts.

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