Fare (2016)

faremovie - Fare (2016)Starring Thomas Torrey, J.R. Adduci, Katherine Drew

Directed by Thomas Torrey

Wondering why people choose to lend themselves out as Uber drivers? Thomas Torrey’s latest film, Fare, is the perfect example of just that mode of thinking – you never know who’ll be the next suspicious character to drop his ass in your back seat!

Torrey (who also stars) plays Eric, a real estate agent whose business is a bit on the slow side, which is why he’s given himself up to the late shift, shuttling passengers all over the city in his SUV. A little extra cash in his pocket, some conversation (some good, some very odd), but more so to escape the house, where he feels his relationship with his wife (Drew) of 10 years is slowly fading away.

The movie takes place entirely in Eric’s ride, and we get to see his interactions with a bevy of commuters. While some of the dialogue is tedious and far too stretched out, there is the one man who calls for a ride that will reel your attention in rather quickly. His name is Patrick (Adduci); Eric is aware of a connection that they share, and it leads to a very interesting repartee between the two – no spoilers here, baby!

As the movie (and SUV) rolls along, we’ll delve WAY into the deep end of the relationship pool, as Eric more than opens up about his and his wife’s unity; and towards the film’s latter stages, it appears to completely fracture away from what we thought we were entrenched in, taking another form and hooking us in even deeper. All three main performances are real and inspired, and at times these issues are so concretely believable that you begin to feel for the affected.

On the downside, if you’re really not up for a multitude of back-and-forth among all these entities, then this film might not be for you; but if it’s therapy in an Uber that you’re looking for, then call for a driver and check this one out… but don’t be surprised if he knows you from somewhere before.

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