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KILD TV (2016)



Kild YV

KILDTVStarring D.C. Douglas, Astrea Campbell-Cobb, Heather Williams

Directed by William Collins

As if the local news every night isn’t scary enough! The all-important transition between the nightly report and the midnight horror show becomes oddly blurred in William Collins’ KILD TV, a fun look at what happens when a killer runs wild INSIDE the studio.

Focusing on local channel KILD Channel 6, the evening shift has officially come to a close, and outside from one reporter (Bill Ross) who willingly decides to hang back and iron out a personal project (sounds fishy), the reins are turned over to the even later-night horror host, Dr. Perseco (Douglas), to commence the evening’s festivities of live theater. Tonight’s broadcast involves serial killers… and I think we all know how this one’s going down.

Well, it really doesn’t take too terribly long before someone is found with a very large screwdriver plunged into their chest, and we’ve officially got us a murder on our hands. Doors locked, all phone reception severed, and the remaining crew trapped in the building must now rely on their broadcasting skills to plead to the viewing public for help – only problem is, in this day and age, who the hell can tell what’s real and what’s not on TV anymore?

With simulated airings that (at least) give the illusion of reality, the movie plays out like a real-time broadcast. Take away some of the hokey performances… wait a minute; there are some very hokey reporters out there, so yeah, this seemed real for the most part. Douglas reels in the MVP performance here, playing the ultra-hammish Dr. Perseco, and the gore that’s on display in this little prize should be more than enough to keep the dogs fed for a little bit.

I think you’ll find that the overall story is a bit blueprinted, but nevertheless, KILD TV is one movie (and one channel) that I’d be willing to tune in to again for some reruns. Recommended.

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