Dead Snow (Blu-ray / DVD)

Dead Snow on Blu-ray and DVDReviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Vegard Hoel, Stig Frode Henriksen, Charlotte Frogner, Jenny Skavlan, Jeppe Beck Laursen

Directed by Tommy Wirkola

Distributed by MPI Media Group

As anyone even slightly familiar with me and my work can attest, if there’s one thing I love, it’s a good zombie movie. They’re even better if the flesh-eaters in question happen to be Nazi zombies. When Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow was announced, it looked to me as if I was about to enter shambling nirvana. Now that I’ve gotten a chance to see the movie, I can’t help but be disappointed. For the strangest reason ever — Wirkola is obviously as big a fan as I am. I’ll get into that in a bit; first the plot crunch.

A vacationing group of medical students decide to go off and party it up in the Norwegian Alps. They get some booze, acquire some other assorted party favors, and then head off to a nice secluded getaway cabin. While there our troupe end up uncovering a dark secret that resurrects a battalion full of bloodthirsty Nazi soldiers. As you would expect, a boatload of gore and carnage ensues. That’s your set-up, and though overly familiar in theme, it’s a concept many fans including myself cannot resist.

Dead Snow on Blu-ray and DVDDon’t get me wrong. Dead Snow is not a bad movie. It’s just that the folks behind it are such uber fans of Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive and of course Evil Dead, instead of standing on its own, the flick ends up feeling like a wink-wink series of homages that are hurled at you relentlessly until the credits roll. How I wish it were different. Should the film have been played for scares instead of laughs and nods, we could have had one of the definitive Nazi zombie films on our hands. In the end while there’s still a lot to like, there’s just not very much to hold on to.

The DVD and the Blu-ray share identical features so no matter which edition you pick up, you’re pretty much golden. Yes, the Blu looks and sounds better than its standard definition cousin. Do we really still have to even mention that by now?

The highlight of the included supplemental material is the Behind Dead Snow featurette. These guys were having a clearly having a blast making the movie, and this bit truly shows off what an absolute labor of geek love the movie ended up being. It’s nearly more fun than the film itself. From there we get several more featurettes covering everything from the flick’s F/X to its very successful festival run. All in all this is a decent haul, but just like the film itself nothing that’s exactly above and beyond.

If you’re looking for an undead fix which is unabashed in its love for the genre, then Dead Snow should be at the very top of your rental or buy list. My only real gripe is that there’s just not enough decaying meat hanging off of these bones.

Special Features

  • Behind Dead Snow featurette
  • Special make-up effects of Dead Snow featurette
  • Madness in the North, Madness in the West! featurette
  • Burning the Cabin featurette
  • The Sounds of Dead Snow featurette
  • Outtakes
  • Theatrical trailer


    3 out of 5

    Special Features:

    3 out of 5

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  • Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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    • Zombiekid2001

      Not sure why someone wouldn’t like this movie!?! Total zombie fun!!!!

    • Relaxing Dragon

      I was really disappointed by this movie, for two big reasons. One was what you already mentioned, that the movie is jam packed with bundles of references, winks, and almost-teeters-over-the-line-to-stealing-a-shot from other, better horror movies. It’s cute at first, but it gets old pretty fast. The second is that the Zombies aren’t really Nazis. I mean, they could’ve just been regular Zombies, them being Nazis had no real bearing on the situation (save for one that cool kill with the hammer and sickle). It seemed like the movie just assumed that it would get a pass on the basic premise, and didn’t even try after it got the gore in.

      Also, the outhouse sex scene: I could go the rest of my life without needing to see that again, and feel a better man for it.

    • Vanvance1

      I really enjoyed this one. I understand you’d have to be a hardcore zombie fan to do so and be in a forgiving mood, but given those two traits it’s a winner.