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OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!! (2016)



OMG Were in a Horror Movie

omg were in a horror movie 203x300 - OMG... We're in a Horror Movie!!! (2016)Starring Brendan McGowan, Sharon Mae Wang, Nils Jansson

Directed by Ajala Bandele

Unsuspecting friends get sucked into a horror film – interesting premise, indeed. However, it’ll take some serious dissection to see if Ajala Bandele’s scary-spoof OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!! has the goods to make us all laugh, or at least chuckle moderately.  Let’s break out the scalpel and start slicing, shall we?

Following the game-night exploits of six stereotypical friends who are invested in a board game to pass the time – nerds, hot chicks, studly boyfriends, and even a creepy guy are all on the menu as prospective victims – this should be interesting. Dead in the middle of the night’s activities, the group is interrupted by a voice from the sky (no, not THAT one) – it sounds like a movie narrator, and it informs the gang that they’ve all been inducted into a horror film and the least unsuspecting one will be the killer. And I thought that the lack of beer and chips could bring a party to a screeching halt!

The game now takes on a whole new spin as the players start to calculate their odds of survival while the killings commence. Personally, I’d rather stick to a nice hostile game of Monopoly.

Interjecting sporadic bouts of gore into its framework of goofy comicality, the movie actually is fairly entertaining, aside from some VERY uncomfortable humor at times. Bandele attempts to go the extra mile with some instances, but they can come off as overly offensive and punchless to some – hey, there’s an audience for everything, even tasteless laughs. The performances are spot-on, especially when you consider the notion that all involved are merely trying to play stereotyped characters in horror films – middling ground, but entertaining nonetheless.

OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!! is a fun one-timer for those who like their slayings laced with dumb laughs, but I couldn’t see this one on a constantly revolving playlist in anyone’s collection.

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