Darkness – Poems of Extreme Horror (Book)

extremehorrorWritten and published by Eric Kapitan

Eric Kapitan’s title Darkness – Poems of Extreme Horror is pretty much a review in and of itself. Kapitan’s collection of horror poems is dark, gore-filled, but in some instances extremely beautiful in its prose. Truthfully, talk of aborted fetuses and children being murdered was a bit much for me, but this topic is one that I am extremely sensitive about regardless of the subject matter.

In the context of the book, murder, mayhem, and death all fit together nicely and create a background for what could be some great short stories. However, there are a few issues within the text.

There were a few grammatical mistakes, which proceeded to take me out of the moment and made me want to consider shelving the book, but I soldiered on. It wasn’t until the same mistakes were made over and over again that I realized either the editor wasn’t a decent editor, or the work never went through the editing process. I also contemplated if the mistakes were intentional, as they happened when characters were speaking, but realized quickly that they were just what they appeared to be – grammatical errors.

When writing a book, even a collection of poems, proper spelling and grammar is a must. As stated, the mistakes took me out of the moment completely. I finished the book for the sake of this review, but had I read this under different circumstances, I would NOT have given the author a chance to regain my attention.

Story-wise, there are decent themes, especially if you like your horror dark and violent. However, Kapitan has a long way to go mechanically to keep readers engaged.

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