Trick ‘r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery & Mischief (Book)

Trick 'r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery & MischiefReviewed by Elaine Lamkin

Forward by Bryan Singer and Introduction by Michael Dougherty

Text by John Griffin

Published by Insight Editions

For those of us who bought this book back in 2007, thinking the film would be released soon after, well, I hope everyone held on to their copy as Trick ‘r Treat (review) is FINALLY seeing an October, 2009 release date!! Don’t know what the hold-up was (this has GOT to be THE Halloween movie of all times – and before you start in with me about John Carpenter’s Halloween, that movie was SET on Halloween. Trick ‘r Treat is ABOUT the holiday – a holiday we horror fans yearn for more than Christmas or Hanukkah).

Trick ‘r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery & Mischief is more than just a making-of book (and don’t let the 110 pages make you think there’s not much to it). Beautifully designed, coffee table-sized, protected by a colorful slipcover, and illustrated throughout with over 300 color photos as well as Mike Dougherty’s quirky, creepy art, the book is more like an overstuffed scrapbook covering the genesis of the Halloween holiday and all of the traditions connected to it: carving pumpkins, dressing up in costume, trick or treating, etc. Included are an 8-page comic book, “Season’s Greetings” by Miran Kim, about the origins of the character Sam, a Sam Halloween mask, a sticker book of art and illustrations from the film, postcards of Mike Dougherty’s original art, and much more.

Trick 'r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery & MischiefThe first part of the book deals with the making of the film, which just happens to star Anna (“True Blood”) Paquin and Brian (Manhunter) Cox, and delves into how costumes were designed and special effects pulled off. Part two is comprised of the stories which make up the film itself: “The Ghost of Halloween Past”, “The Killer Next Door”, “The Quarry”, “Girls Night Out”, and “Old Mr. Kreeg”.

This book is SUCH a must-have for horror fans! I’m going through my copy as I write this and STILL discovering extras I didn’t notice before – little pockets with “goodies” in them, for instance. I did see a few typos in the text, which can be irritating, but the sheer beauty of this book makes little things like that insignificant.

Trick ‘r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery & Mischief is available from Evilshop via the below link. Grab a copy before they sell out! Especially now that a release date has been set. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Trick ‘r Treat Sam Figure – It’s something everyone should have on their shelves.

5 out of 5

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Trick 'r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery & Mischief

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  • steeziewk

    I bought this book months ago, and it has to be the most entertaining book about one specific horror movie or franchise ever created. This book oozes with passion for the movie’s story and characters, its crazy. i have never seen anything like it. If you think you’ll have a real interest in this movie, and like collecting things that go along with those movies, then this book will make you feel like your seven years old again when you give it your first look.

  • rupp30

    It seems a little expensive for this book but hell I’ll still buy it. This has been one movie I’ve been looking foward to seeing forever now. So glad it’s finally getting released.