Black Devil Doll (2009)

Jonathan Lewis' Black Devil DollReviewed by Stephen Romano

Starring The Black Devil Doll, Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, Christine Svendsen, Precious Cox, Ericka Branich, Martin Boone

Directed by Jonathan Lewis

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There’s a scene in Black Devil Doll in which our fearless anti-hero — a radical ex-Black Panther sentenced to death for the rape and murder of “15 Caucasian women” and brought back to life as a scumbag ventriloquist dummy who will stop at nothing to sate his politically-incorrect carvings — anally rapes a white suburban wannabe “rapper” … then tosses a handful of cigarettes on the guy’s still-warm corpse and mutters, “Now go buy yourself something pretty, punk.

And, believe it or not, that’s not even the lowest level this film sinks to.

I’ve just been awarded the honor of being the first to see the finished flick, and also to write the first review … and it’s an honor indeed. Word’s been on the streets for what seems like years now. The anticipation is running high, just days before the film’s theatrical world premiere on April 17th at The New Beverly Theater. (I, unfortunately, will not be able to attend.) Everyone with half a brain to appreciate this sort of cinematic art wants to know: Does Black Devil Doll deliver the goods?

Jonathan Lewis' Black Devil DollUmm … yeah, man. It delivers. And then some. I’m still kinda stunned. The film is a scathing, sleazy, seething shitstorm (literally) that will have blaxploitation fans singing hosannas, PC types screaming for blood, and any innocent bystanders in conniption fits. It’s designed to be seen in a theater with a rowdy audience, and the fact that it’s actually getting a limited theatrical release is either some kind of dark, squishy miracle or a true sign from god or the devil that the End Of Days is near. I promise you, no matter what your name is, no matter how jaded you think you are, no matter what kind of fried chicken you choose to gobble at three in the morning, this goddamn movie is something you’ll never forget. Either you’ll be grinning ear to ear in complete fucking astonishment at the unholy limits to which grown men and women will stretch their imaginations, or you’ll be laughing your ass off at some of the most audacious, politically incorrect, over-the-top exploitation fare made by indie filmmakers — or really anyone — since about 1974, when a film called The Six Thousand Dollar Nigger set the African American race back about a hundred years. And when these motherfuckers say their movie is “filmed in NEGROSCOPE,” you can be sure that these motherfuckers are NOT MOTHERFUCKING KIDDING. Many of the major rape/kill scenes are indeed filmed in a “patented process” called “NEGROSCOPE,” and, well … you’ll just have to buy a ticket to know what I’m talking about. Fans of Martin Luther King better stay away in droves.

Or, on the other hand, don’t stay away. Those people should go see the film. I’ll be there, too, killing myself laughing while they’re all puking in the aisles.

Yep, this is a film made for US. Not THEM.

I’m giving Black Devil Doll the full five stabbies or whatever because to judge this movie by any traditional critical standard is to be completely fucked in the head, folks. It ain’t that kinda party. The name of the game is humor and shock value. And, really, any two-bit dumbfucks with a camcorder and a good knowledge of Richard Pryor can film any damn thing they want in the backyard these days and call it a “blaxploitation” movie — but these Lewis Brothers, they’re smarter than that. And a hell of a lot more fearless. For example, in the awesome opening titles sequence, which is guaranteed to blow away any naysayer preconceptions about how “flashy” this film may or may not be, our boys go so far as to call their opus “A Lewis Brothers Fiasco.” Not since Far Out Man, which was labeled “A Tommy Chong Attempt,” has a group of filmmakers been so painfully self aware … and they dish it up with both hands.

Jonathan Lewis' Black Devil DollYou won’t find plot or story or even characters here. Our “heroes” are a bunch of bubble-headed bimbos with clever dialogue like “OHMYGHOOD!” and “THAT’S SO GROOOOSSSS!” (In a very telling moment, busty Natasha Talonz asks hapless heroine Heather Murphy where she got the doll, who’s sorta hiding out in plain sight on the couch in the living room, waiting to spring into action, and poor dumb Heather responds: “Oh I got it at a flea market — I’m thinking of becoming a ventrickelist.”) There are fart jokes, shit jokes, shameless montages showcasing the girls’ REAL talents in which they wash cars with their tits and eat each other out while playing Twister. You start thinking that maybe Russ Meyer and Frank Hennenlotter had sex with Charlie Band and out came this fucking thing. There are tributes to everything from Child’s Play to Xtro, some pretty flashy production values on a shoestring, and the music score is stellar, invoking familiar giallo riffs, slasher motifs — and I even think I heard some Don’t Answer The Phone in there. Don’t Answer The Phone is one of the films this movie obviously looks up to, with a sleazy, gritty look and precious little sympathy for even its most loyal audience.

And I am so fucking PISSED I won’t be able to see it with an audience on Friday. It’s gonna blow the doors out of the theater.

This film was MADE to be seen in a dripping, shitty Grindhouse held together with paint and cockroach droppings — with lunatics jacking off in the corners and “pervs like us” choking on their beers in the front row. Me, I downed a sixer, watched the fucker, then went out, bought more beer, and watched it again. Movies like this make me real happy to be alive. Everyone else will need a hot shower and a barnacle scraper to extract themselves from the rancid sleaze. I promise. Fair warning. And FUCK YES!

5 out of 5

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  • The Butcher

    OK readers, to be fair and honest (like I profess to be) sometimes doesn’t always work in my favor. This is one of those times. After some going back and forth with Shawn (in a grown up and articulate manner on BOTH our parts mind you) I see and admit I have jumped the gun.

    I’m a human being, so it happens.

    I’ll not level the smarmy “porn” thing I did at the film before seeing it anymore. And yes, it was smarmy. Fore that I apologize. I will be seeing it in Seattle in May to form a valid opinion. And yes, I always try to judge a film on it’s own merits, BLACK DEVIL DOLL included.

    As I stated before, I’d be more than glad to eat my words.

    Either way, it aint gonna stop either of us from being able to enjoy a beer together, nor will we lose any sleep over it.

    • PelusaMG

      Kudos to you Butcher for being man enough to admit you ‘jumped the gun’.

  • vorodex999

    LOL, Its funny how people can always regress back to when they were in the 5th Grade. To make a point, I’ll see this like I see most Grindhouse Inspired stuff, As for this film being shocking, I doubt it very seriously. I was told Martyrs and Inside was shocking and all I saw was a couple of good films with great gore. As for this, it looks like it has the bad gore of a even worse Sci-fi channel movie, the acting and production values of Co-ed COnfidential ( if you dont know what that is it comes on cable and its soft porn with crappy there are any good ones.) I met the people last year at an festival and they while inspirational prove that just about anyone can make a movie nowadays. They got a poster and a T-shirt, well that just solidfies there existance, doesn’t it. I’m sure I will see this film just like I do everything nearly horror related. Can I not wait..Yes i can wait, maybe longer. But I do give props for getting a movie made and into a theater.

  • Rotten Cotton Shawn

    Shawn here from Black Devil Doll.

    Wow. I have decided to make one big post to respond to all this bullshit. Yes most of what has been said is bullshit and folks talking out of their asses.

    There is no such thing as bad publicity. So the more shit you talk the more tickets we sell and the more dvd’s sold when its out so thanks. We just pre-sold it to Germany so things are going good.

    First off my film IS NOT A PORNO. Not a fucking porn. I can’t be any clearer, not a fucking porn.

    There is NO PENETRATION in our film. No Penetration!

    It is not even close to some bullshit by-the-numbers fuck film. Thanks for the insult.

    The “Butcher” is referring to one clip from the film we provided him for a screening he was doing. We sent him a sex scene from the film. Its pretty unfortunately that he is labeling our film a Porno based on a clip taken out of context. He of all people should know better. There never was any penetration filmed or in the script for that matter, he is talking out of his ass.

    What is the Butcher’s problem? I’m still trying to figure that one out.I thought Sean “The Butcher” Smithson was a cool guy, never had a beef with him… The only thing I can come up with is I tried to work out a set visit and an interview when we were shooting but it never worked out. The shooting schedule was just nuts, sometimes shooting at 3 am and not knowing when we would shoot until an hour before the cameras rolled. Getting him on the set just never worked out. It was nothing personal, too bad he has to be like this.

    I assume he is upset about this? Or maybe its some kind of jealousy issue? Not sure, but who cares. The point it, he has not seen the film and this is all pretty sad.

    Its pretty upsetting to, especially when we put an year and a half of hard work into this. Something we would not do if it was “just a porn”.

    From the lighting to the sound design, the folly work, the color correction, to the open credit sequence, the spot on editing, all the visual fx, the special fx, the set design, the music… To write it off as “just a porno” when it has nothing in common with porn is unfair, unfortunate, and just plain fucked up. Its a slap in the face of all our hard work…and you haven’t even seen it yet.

    As horror fans we hate it when people judge us and our genre, 99% of the time the one tossing around the accusations hasn’t seen the film in question . Horror fans deal with this constantly. The media, reviewers, and special interest groups judging our genre films before laying eyes on them, if they ever do actually see them… it happens to us all the time. So for genre fans to turn around and do the same thing to a genre indie film, made for the fans, by the fans, is sad and hypocritical.

    Now the Chester Turner issue. We do not consider our film a remake. And again, everyone calling it that has not SEEN THE FUCKING THING. We have stated in interviews, on line, on the radio, our IMDB page, on television, in print that our film is a homage to Turners film and that we are huge fans. What more do you fucking want? Its even on the myspace page.

    Remake, sequel, rip off, who fucking cares really? Its just a movie. In fact this very question was asked at the New Beverly premier, and Jonathan straight up said Turner was an inspiration. And Turner is thanked in the end credits as well.

    Any exploitation fan bitching about our film isn’t really a fan of exploitation cinema. Rip off’s and/or knock off’s are a STAPLE of the exploitation genre. There are countless exploitation rip off from the 70’s and 80’s that we all hold dear to our hearts. Last House On The Left rip offs, Road Warrior rip offs, Halloween and Friday The 13th rip offs, Dawn Of The Dead rips, Jaws rip offs, the list goes one. The Italian film industry in the 70’s and 80’s was built on ripping off other films. All of which are screened at midnight screenings, and collected on dvd by all of us. And what about all the Roger Corman rip offs of Alien? Or do you really think Corman would have made the Carnosaur films if it hadn’t been for Jurassic Park?

    Shit I just watched House By The Edge Of The Park at the New Beverly this past Sunday night. Ruggero Deodato and David Hess were both in attendance. It was packed with fans, close to selling out. So by this genius logic you assholes have bestowed on us; I’m supposed to “write off” House By The Edge Of The Park because its an Italian Last House On The Left rip off? Bullshit. Fucking bullshit.

    Oh and what about my film print of Abby that I’ve screening for thousands of people now? Should I stop screening it and just toss it in the trash because it an Exorcist rip off? And all the folks that bought the Abby DVD are they clueless losers and not real horror fans?

    Its simple, we were fan’s of Turners film, we took the basic ideas of a black doll and sex and did our own thing. We have always said this, look up any of our interviews. Call that what you will, remake, rip off, homage, whatever, just actually SEE our film and judge for yourself. Or don’t see it and shut your pie hole. We are pretty confident you will see that our film has nothing in common with Turners film, in look, feel, style, plot, characters, nothing. In the end, If you still want to call it a rip off, or remake, thats cool, whatever makes you happy. Its all a honor to us.

    To clear up more fucking RUMORS:

    There was a person posing as Chester Turner on Myspace. He turned out to be an impostor. But we dealt with this jerk for over a year, trying to get his films released, I even went as far as signing a deal with this person and paying to have the box art for his new Black Devil Doll From Hell dvd done. Genre fan and artist Michael Broom did the dvd cover art, feel free to check with him on that and I still owe him money for the project. After I was a thousand dollars in, working with this person, I find out it was all bullshit and this guy was just some piece of shit impostor. It turns out that Chester Turner died in a car accident in 94 or 95. So anyone claiming they spoke to him is full of it. Nobody has spoken to him since 94 unless it was at a seance.

    But since I had already laid the ground work to have his film release, I am still working on it. We now have contact with the actress from the film and soon hopefully his family so we can finally get his film out.

    I guess thats about it.

    It would be nice if you actually see my film before you judge it. Especially when you are claiming it to be something it clearly isn’t.

    And Butcher, even though you are being a complete fucking asshole, you are more than welcome to come over my place this week have a few beers, smoke a bowl and watch it with me.

    Being passionate is one thing.

    Talking out of your white-trash asshole is another.

    If you have some bullshit elitist, “holier than thou”, reason for not seeing my film, fine, your loss.

    But to judge and label my film without seeing it is fucking bullshit.

    Here is my email:

    • SCanfieldFilms

      Hell yeah, I’ve been anticipating the film since before last year’s Fangoria when you guys were still taking it around, finishing it up, so we’d been hotly anticipating it for over a year when I first saw that trailer.

      So I expected it to be good, but honestly, it blew me away. Now, I loved Tarantino/Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, fucking loved it, but Black Devil Doll makes them look like joke exploitation films comparatively. The look, the fucking kick ass score, every tasteless joke, bare titty, bloody splatter, and vulgar line stomped the shit out of imitation exploitation.

      As much as it is an homage to Black Devil Doll From Hell, it’s not an homage at all. It’s a completely kick ass, hilarious, gory, naked, vulgar exploitation film in its own right.

      As for the original film, like I told Jon, there’s some serious genius required to make something that bad and not see it for what it is (some call it ignorance, I call it brilliance) and still take the whole thing seriously. With that said, it’s one of the slowest 60 minute films I’ve ever seen.

      Just eat a wooden black cock until you see it.

    • The Butcher

      To be honest Shawn I forgot ALL about a set visit thing, seriously. That’s no biggie man. I totally understand schedules being hectic and the whole nine. if I remember correctly, you even explained that you really didn’t know when you would be shooting, it was on and off.

      I’ll be seeing it in Seattle in May and have a 50 spot earmarked to buy YOUR ass some beers and will have a bowl packed to go should you be there. As I stated before, I will gladly eat my words should I do an about face. And ok ok ok I’ll stop harping “porn”…but also you don’t have to show cock-in-pussy (or whatever hole for that matter) for something to be pornographic. I’ll stand by that.

      I responded to your PM and you’ll see there that I have NO personal beef with you in any way. I am surpised you are so upset though, I gotta say. So for that I sincerely apologize. And the beer-on-me thing is also sincere. We can argue about it in person, and hopefully agree to disagree.

      I’m a grown up though and can heed and concede to this –

      “As horror fans we hate it when people judge us and our genre, 99% of the time the one tossing around the accusations hasn’t seen the film in question . Horror fans deal with this constantly. The media, reviewers, and special interest groups judging our genre films before laying eyes on them, if they ever do actually see them… it happens to us all the time. So for genre fans to turn around and do the same thing to a genre indie film, made for the fans, by the fans, is sad and hypocritical.”

      You’re right. That was MY bad. I’ll take my lumps for that.

      Again, my only beef was a credit thing (which I’ve recanted) and the fact that it’s getting glowing reviews for (in my opinion) all the wrong reasons.

      No characters.
      No plot.

      Not MY words.

      And for the record: I AM a cool dude. 🙂 Just opinionated as all fuck.

      • Rotten Cotton Shawn

        “And for the record: I AM a cool dude. 🙂 Just opinionated as all fuck.”

        Opinionated is not a problem. But you might want to actually see the material in question before you form your opinion. Make sense?

  • Rickter

    How embarassing is it that “The Butcher” had to follow up his post as “popthepeewee” to make his point? Wow. I guess my question about talking to the dead was too much for him.

    Hate it, love it…..we haven’t even seen it yet! This Butcher (popthepeewee) dude obviously has an axe to grind. Feel free to dazzle us with your totally awesome and original movie idea, champ. No? I guess at the end of the day, you’re just some zero on a message board. And the folks that made “Black Devil Doll”? They have a movie that’s playing in theaters, that YOU’RE talking about. Seems pretty clear who the loser is in this scenario.

    A new review for Black Devil Doll.

    But I guess it’s not legit because they got a t-shirt from RottenCotton.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Actually I’m certain that The Butcher is not that poptop guy. No big though, man. All this animosity and stuff, it only comes from people caring about the genre and being passionate about what they like. That’s never a bad thing.

      What is bad is making personal attacks on others. No matter who you slice it, that’s never cool.

    • The Butcher

      To Rickter –

      WTF is “popthepeewee”? That’s not me man. I am ONLY The Butcher. No other goofy username or anything like that.

      No personal axe to grind here either, just adding my heartfelt opinion. The project reeks of plagiarism and I’m saying it out loud. There’s a guy out there who made the original and it was frickin’ swiped away from him with no credit given. His name is Chester Novell Turner and you can look here for more info –

      I also think the film is aimed at the lowest common denominator even for a faux grindhouse flick. I don’t need to see the film to know that already.

      Knowing Shawn from Rotten Cotton in passing and knowing how outspoken he himself can be I am sure he is able to handle my feelings and would be surprised if he didn’t at least have some respect for the fact that I’m being openly honest. That’s the way I roill man, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a fucking beer with the dudes behind the flick either.

      As a pro musician who has had releases distibuted by a couple major labels and have been on the shit stick end of bad reviews, I never took it personally. You shouldn’t either. But you Rickter have put yourself in a lose/lose situation here. If you ARE involved with the film then you can’t take criticism and shouldn’t be making product to be put up on the chopping block. If you AREN’T involved with the film then you are just a loud mouthed fanboy who is defending someone/something that doesn’t need defending.

      And I talked to Chester before his death OBVIOUSLY. And I will recant the “No credit is being given” statement on your word. Though I’ve yet to see it. I believe it, and that’s a good thing and actually alleviates a LOT of misgivings I’ve had about this product. Now it’s just something I put in the “porno” column. And who knows, I may see it and eat my fucking words. It wouldn’t be the first time, it sure won’t be the last. And I have no problem being a passionate reactionary.


      • Jon Condit

        I dont want to stir this shit up any more than it has been but I do know the guys have spoken about Black Devil Doll from Hell several times in interviews they have given.

        Right on their Myspace page under influences:

        Since childhood I’ve been obsessed with puppets and dolls in film. As a young child I remember seeing the Twilight Zone Episodes The Dummy and The Living Doll and from that moment on I’ve tried to collect every film out there featuring dolls. Then in 1984 at the tender age of 14 I rented Chester Turner’s Black Devil Doll From Hell and I was scarred for life…

        All of these inspired our new film in one way or another:

        Dead Of Night (1945)

        The Twilight Zone: The Dummy (1962)

        The Twilight Zone: Living Doll (1963)

        The Twilight Zone: Caesar and Me (1964)

        Devil Doll (1964)

        Trilogy Of Terror (1975)

        Let My Puppets Come (1976)

        Magic (1978)

        Black Devil Doll From Hell (1984)

        Attack Of The Beast Creatures (1985)

        Video Psychotherapy-Cable TV (198?)

        Dolls (1988)

        Childs Play (1988)

        Puppet Master (1989)

        Meet The Feebles (1989)

        Demonic Toys (1991)

        Dolly Dearest (1992)

        Dollman vs Demonic Toys (1993)

        Tales From The Hood (1995)

        Pinocchio’s Revenge (1996)

        Blood Dolls (1999)

        Rag Doll (1999)

        Team America (2004)

        Dead Silence (2007)

      • Rickter

        I’m just calling you out for the phoney that you are. And how retarded is it that YOU are calling ME out as a defendant of something that doesn’t require defending? Are you Chester Turners long lost bastard child? You’re not a “passionate reactionary”. You’re a guy on a message board, attaching yourself to a movie that you have yet to see, in order to get attention. You’re the guy that claims up is down, just to get a rise from the people around you. Your parents ignored you all you life, now we have to all pay for it.

        “As a pro musician who has had releases distibuted by a couple major labels….”

        Damn, that gave me a serious case of the douche chills. brrrrrr!

        Time to put your money where your mouth is, Butcher.

        1) You have NEVER talked to Chester Turner.

        2) You have never been reviewed.

        3) You don’t drink beer.

        “Eat my fucking words”? Put on your bib, sweety. I witnessed first-hand what went down at the Black Devil Doll premier in Hollywood Friday night. And I suspect that it will just be another, in a long line of parties, that you didn’t make it to. I guess you’ll just have to hear about it later….as usual.

      • Rotten Cotton Shawn

        Your posts have been reply to above. I just made one big response to all these posts…

      • Rotten Cotton Shawn

        Your post:

        “Knowing Shawn from Rotten Cotton in passing and knowing how outspoken he himself can be I am sure he is able to handle my feelings and would be surprised if he didn’t at least have some respect for the fact that I’m being openly honest. That’s the way I roill man, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a fucking beer with the dudes behind the flick either”

        Sean, you haven’t SEEN THE FUCKING MOVIE. How can you have any opinion on it?

  • poptopeewee

    I wouldn’t and I won’t watch this rip-off garbage. There are sooo many better movies coming out these days both in the mainstream and indie sectors that are ORIGINAL works not clones. Me watching this rip would be like me supporting one of these lame ass remakes Hollywood keeps churning out – which I don’t. It is a rip-off of the O.G. Black Devil Doll as another poster stated. I agree that it is an insult and a complete Hack to pretend that this is a new or unique idea. Some idiot on here claimed “the original was lame and he would have never known about its existence if it were not for this film” … that’s stupid. Just because YOU don’t know about the O.G. film and think it’s trash and can be made ‘better’ by some stealing ass hackers doesn’t make it so.

    You can polish a turd but it’s still a … whatever! Who am I kidding? This website is friends with the filmmakers as are many horror related sites and mags since, surprise, surprise the filmmakers run Rotton Cotton. Rotton Cotton pays a lot of advertising bucks to many of these sites and mags so guess what they’re going to get for making a movie with no character development, non existent plot and little more than tits and ass… hmmm, a GOOD REVIEW?!? Yep, you bet! Then for the review to say shit like: “you’ll be laughing your ass off at some of the most audacious, politically incorrect, over-the-top exploitation fare made by indie filmmakers — or really anyone — since about 1974, when a film called The Six Thousand Dollar Nigger set the African American race back about a hundred years” proves he knows little about exploitation films.

    There are so many better movies that have already shocked and awed, this is just regurgitation yet he’s acting like it’s a brand new invention by DARPA or some shit … Notice in this review and another review I just read about this film on another site, they never say ANYTHING negative about it. They get 5 stabs for no plot and character development! C’mon, people. You are being hoodwinked. These are the filmmakers friends. Need I repeat it again?

    And that analogy that poster made about Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Living Dead is moronic. Those films are both about zombies… these two films in question are both about a black puppet that comes to life and curses. Zombies are like vampires and where-wolves, they’ve been around for decades and in many countries and are popular legends even BEFORE films came to be. Where in history do you constantly here of a black doll that comes back to life and talks trash. C’mon, they saw that movie (the ORIGINAL BLACK DEVIL DOLL) and said, “let’s steal the idea and make it better.” And it seems to be working. Not the “making it better” part but the stealing part, because idiots, as with Hollywood horror remakes are going to think this is clever because “the filmmakers have been trying to get the original one released and have given it credit in many interviews.” So fucking what? It’s still a rip.

    I won’t pay a single cent on bullshit like this. I will bootleg it though and upload it to Rapidshare since they like to steal people’s shit I can too. I’d rather watch “Leprechaun in the Hood,” “Triloquist” or “Child’s Play” which this obviously also rips yet people on here are acting like it is brand new for a killer doll to curse and assault women … you guys are a few decades late don’t you think? Instant cult classic? Says who? A group of the filmmakers friends? I think THE PEOPLE decide what’s a cult classic and what’s not, not a few people who are buddies of the moviemakers. A year and a half of false hype if you ask me. I’d rather watch a Herpe pimple grow … on my own dick.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Newsflash poptop …

      75% of the movies made that we cover? They’re made by people whom we have close business and personal relationships with and that has never, not once, ever kept us from writing a bad review if one was merited. In fact we’ve been known to be particularly ruthless at times.

      Collectively we’ve been working within this industry for nearly seven years, and have been lucky enough to meet, hang with, and at times work with some of the best of them, including some legends in our industry.

      We have NOTHING to gain by shilling anything for anyone and neither do the filmmakers. Because they are our friends, and associates it’s all the more reason to be honest.

      When you’ve seen the movie, for better or for worse, come back and post your review.

    • The Butcher

      Now to reply to poptoppeewee –

      Yes Rotten Cotten advertises here.
      No that isn’t why the film got a good review.
      The reviewer, Stephen Romano, KNOWS MORE than a thing or twelve about exploitation flicks (and serious cinema to boot) as well. Check out his amaaaaaaazing book about exploitation films that don’t really exist titled SHOCK FESTIVAL. It’s a fucking classic piece of work by a guy who KNOWS his shit.

      I’m good at seperating issues. I have no personal beef with Rotten Cotten, Stephen Romano, or this site (which I hold staffer status at) for pushing this film so hard. They LOVE it. Me? I think it’s porno dressed up in too-obvious traits and seems to be trite. MY OPINION, and that’s all.

      And why do I loooove Dread Central soooo much? Because they let us say what we think and feel, as long as we don’t get too personal (unless you’re Nick Palumbo then all bets are off! Huzzah!)

    • Rotten Cotton Shawn

      I responded to most of this crap above. See my post.

      But no, the reviews are not fakes or paid or any of that shit. The two reviews we have thus far are from horror/exploitation fans that loved our film, period. And there will be more to come. Our New Beverly screening was sold out and people went fucking nuts. They loved it.

      And what good is your “opinion” if you haven’t seen the film?

      If your goal is to continue to stir up shit and make our film even more popular, then I guess I should be thanking you…

      Its because of elitist assholes like yourself constantly bitching and crying that has helped us become as popular as we are. We are selling the film to at least 8 different territories world wide and more to come… US, UK, and Germany are already done deals.

      Keep on bitchin’ baby!

      In fact I’m adding a special thanks in the end credits to “poptopeewee” before the dvd release.

  • The Butcher

    I didn’t know we reviewed porno films here.

    Sorry but…it’s a bit of a burn too that no one is mentioning there is an ORIGINAL Black Devil Doll film, and that the writer/director has been completely deleted from existence and is receiving NO credit for being the originator of this entire idea. I actually talked to the guy awhile back while this film was still in production and he was really crushed.

    Credit needs to go to where credit is due.

    To add, again as I’ve said before, films MADE to be “cult” or “grindhouse” or whatever term you want to use don’t sit that well with me either. It’s trite.

    That said, I WILL be seeing the film soon and will judge the work on it’s own merits. But my expectations are waaaaaaaaaay low.

    When I see a 5 star rating with this in the review – “You won’t find plot or story or even characters here.” it makes my eyes roll so hard they almost fall out of my head. Sorry, but this reeks of the conventioners scene patting itself on the back a little too much.

    Then again who am I? I thought INSIDE was overrated too. 🙂

    • Rickter

      How has credit not been given when I’ve read in several places, one or both of the Lewis brothers noting Chester Turners “Black Devil Doll from Hell” as an inspiration? Personally, I would have never known about that lame flick if it wasn’t for them mentioning it. They’ve also made it perfectly clear that it’s not a remake. Is “Return of the Living Dead” a remake of “Night of the Living Dead” because the title is similar and they both have zombies in them? Your post reaks of a jealous, snarky naysayer who is ready to pounce all over a movie that they haven’t even seen yet. I think most of us are rooting for it to be a great, fun film. It clearly seems the opposite is true with you.

      And I think we would all love to know how you talked to a dead guy.

      • The Butcher

        QUOTE “Is “Return of the Living Dead” a remake of “Night of the Living Dead” because the title is similar and they both have zombies in them?”

        Dude if you don’t know the relation between those two films and why the aforementioned ROTLD exists you seriously need to take a Horror 101 class. If you do then you need to take an Analogy 101 class.

        Myself? I need to take a How To Spell 101 class, but that’s just me…

    • The Woman In Black

      I found this comment on the DVD Maniacs forum from October 2008:

      Originally Posted by headcheese at Wildside Cinema forum:
      These guys with this new film have been working pretty hard to get the original Black Devil Doll From Hell released. The problem is, the filmmaker who made the original is ill and he’s not all that proud of the film unfortunately, but still, the Lewis Brothers are working with his family.

      So it does seem that the Lewises have reached out to Mr. Turner & his family and definitely credit him as their inspiration.

      PS — You’re not the only one who feels that way about Inside. 😉

  • fceurich39

    what happened to the dvd release???

    • The Woman In Black

      The DVD will be coming out a little bit after the screenings are done. They’re filming some of them to use as extras.

  • Chainsaw

    You and me both, Stephen. I’d love to be there for the premiere. Sigh.

    I cannot wait to be offended by this movie. And let me be the first to say, I really want to plow Natasha Talonz.