My Best Friend is a Vampire (DVD)

My Best Friend is a Vampire on DVD (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Robert Sean Leonard, Fannie Flagg, Cheryl Pollak, Rene Auberjonois, David Warner

Directed by Bob Logan

Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

My Best Friend is a Vampire is one of those movies that you know you’ve seen before. Hell, I’m sure you can even describe specific scenes from it, but I’m willing to bet when push comes to shove you never would have remembered its title. I know I didn’t.

We meet Jeremy Capello (Leonard) during those awkward teenage years when getting laid is just about as important as breathing. The only hitch? Old Jer’s a bit of a nerd with no luck with chicks. One day while delivering groceries, he happens upon a new customer. A hot chick by the name of Nora. She invites him back for a nightcap, and as expected, once our twosome begins to get it on, things get a little touchy-bitey. Almost immediately after the canine insertion Prof. Leopold McCarthy (Warner) bursts in to kill the vamp and her now turned victim. Jeremy manages to make his getaway, but the damage was done. He’s about to become a bloodsucker.

My Best Friend is a Vampire on DVD (click for larger image)So here’s his situation: He’s now a living vampire, the girl of his dreams thinks he’s weird enough already, his best friend is afraid of him, his folks think that he’s gay, and he has a pair of vampire hunters right up his ass. Poor kid! Good thing for him another vamp by the name of Modoc (a hilarious Auberjonois) is around to show him the ropes.

My Best Friend is a Vampire is a charming little flick. Fans old enough to remember it will be transported back to a much simpler time — one riddled with bad clothing and even worse hair. The only trouble is that around the third act or so the fun starts to become a bit stale. Things pick back up by the end, but more than likely this really dated little flick has lost most of you by then.

In terms of special features all that we get a trivia track. Not even a trailer. Ah, well. Whatever.

My Best Friend is a Vampire is a perfect little snapshot of 1989. It was a great old time while it lasted, but in the end you’ll be glad that you’ve moved on since then. Not bad. Not great. Just there.

Special Features

  • Trivia track
  • Film:

    2 1/2 out of 5

    Special Features:

    1 out of 5

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    • Mr. Dark

      I’m going the opposite way of Condit: 2.5 for this and 1 for Repossessed?

      I think that overworked shiny head of yours needs a break. In what universe is this cheesy done about 8 different times in the 80’s piece of fluff worth over DOUBLE the knives as Repossessed, the ONLY exorcism parody film ever made!

      Mr. Dark
      Part-Time Dread Central Gaming Guy
      Full-Time Freelance Smartass

    • Cash Bailey

      This was released in Australia as I WAS A TEENAGE VAMPIRE.

    • DavidFullam

      The only thing I remember about this film is that it disappeared from the theaters quicker than any other film I had ever heard of. Opens on Friday, pulled on Monday.

    • Rorschach

      Creepy seems to not be a fan of this particular series of “retro” films, heh.

    • Jon Condit

      My bologna has a first name, it’s “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

      • The Woman In Black

        So, Jon, does this mean you’re volunteering to start writing some reviews? 😉

    • Jon Condit

      2.5! 2 point fucking 5?!?! Did you go bat shit insane today? First Repossessed now this. Fuck me running. Has everyone lost their damn mind today?

      3 atleast. ATLEAST.

      Fuckin ruining my day UC. That’s what your doing. God damn it.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Dude, I said it was charming. And it was! Just by the end it was just kind of over. Really over.

        • FilmCritic3000

          This is a fun flick, sir. Have you no shame or decency?

          That’s it…to the “Strawberry Estates” Screening Room with you! Time to strap you in like Alex in “A Clockwork Orange” and rip the doorknob off. Maybe then you’ll learn to appreciate this late ’80s gem!

          • Uncle Creepy

            LOL! I never said it was bad! I even called it charming. It’s just a bit dated and as a result the humor doesn’t pack as much punch as it once did.