The Six Slays of Christmas - Day One

We're just six little days away from the year's biggest holiday season, and to celebrate the coming of Saint Nick (or whomever you believe in), we'll be taking a look at a different yuletide horror flick each day until the 25th ... starting NOW! Think of it as a cinema crazed Advent calendar!

Fright Night Retrospective Part Four: Character Inspirations, Vampire Desires and the World of Homo-Eroticism in Fright Night

If you've ever seen Tom Holland's original Fright Night, then I probably don't need to tell you just how special the characters are in the film because you're already well aware. But for those of you out there who may not be as familiar with Holland's story, allow this writer to indulge a bit in the world of my favorite horror film of all time and take this opportunity to bring you up-to-speed on just what makes Fright Night so special, even after 26 years.

Fright Night Retrospective Part Three: Crafting the Ultimate 80s Creature Feature with Tom Holland

As a child of the 80s, to me there were two distinctive kinds of horror movies: the kind you watched if you really wanted to scare the crap out of yourself (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Thing) and the kind that you enjoyed because they treaded on the lighter side of genre fare (The Monster Squad, Ghostbusters, Gremlins), and Fright Night definitely fell into the latter category, making it an almost instant classic for myself and worldwide fans alike when it hit VHS shelves everywhere in late spring 1986.

Fright Night Retrospective Part Two: How the 80s Damn Near Killed Sequels, Fright Night 2 Underwhelms Everyone and How The Menendez Brothers Destroyed Fright Night 3

At the time Columbia Pictures was set to release writer/director Tom Holland's Fright Night in theaters on August 2nd, 1985, the horror world was much bleaker than the story created by Holland in the flick, which gave genre fans a change of pace from the endless cavalcade of slasher flicks that preceded its release in the late summer of 1985.

Fright Night Retrospective Part One: Tom Holland Reflects on the Early Stages of Creating the Seminal Monster Movie

Welcome to Fright Night! Before making his directorial debut in 1985 with the original Fright Night, Tom Holland was just getting started establishing himself as one of the Masters of Horror. Prior to creating his modern twist on Rear Window with vampires, Holland was a genre writer coming off of a hot streak of well-performing scripts including The Beast Within, Class of 1984, Psycho II and Cloak & Dagger.

Exclusive Fright Night Video Retrospective Coming August 22nd with Tom Holland and More!

This writer has a very short list of films that I could watch endlessly over and over again. As an awkward horror-loving girl who taped Freddy Krueger posters to her wall instead of the New Kids on the Block, the horror genre was always my escape.

Dread Central: Six Sites Remember the Class of 1981

When Lucio Fulci concluded The Beyond with the words "And you will face the sea of darkness, and all therein that may be explored", he might as well have been referring to the banner year of 1981.

A Look Back at Halloween II - More of the Night HE Came Home

I know, I know… How many times can this one be written or read about? Well, the fact is Halloween II wasn’t my first pick to revisit this go-round. I was torn betwixt this:

Happy Friday the 13th - An Amusing Look at Jason Between Friday 3D and The Final Chapter

Friday fans should know that an interview with Tom McLoughlin is on its way. McLoughlin will be discussing his latest projects, and what better day to chat with the director of Friday VI than on the 13th of all 13ths? We clearly love Tom McLoughlin ‘round here and are pleased to bring you this upcoming feature presentation.

Retrospective: A Look Back at One Dark Night

Back in good old ‘81 when slasher flicks were at the peak of their popularity, power and profit, director/co-writer Tom McLoughlin chose to jeté out of the herd with this odd little number. It took balls to make a skittish PG-rated spookfest when all distributors cared about were woodsy body counts, but we are talking about McLoughlin – the same gent who dared to poke fun at Jason upon helming Friday VI.

Haberman's Retrospective Hijinx - Pick Your Poison!

Venomous Mammals ... call me irresponsible, call me indecisive, but don’t call me lazy. Once again, I’m reaching out to you for assistance in choosing which film to retrospect upon. But it isn’t because I take quick glances at my obscene library and give up on making a special selection – no. It’s because I sweat blood night after night trying to determine what film should be picked from the bloated class. I refuse to go back to the hospital for horror films again (another story altogether), so we must try something else, mustn’t we?

Retrospective: 1980's Slice of Sasquatchploitation - Night of the Demon

Every time a new Bigfoot hoax makes headlines, I do the Hammer Dance on my front porch then call everyone I know before it’s debunked. Yet each time I revisit Night of the Demon, my busting lust for sharing a world with Sasquatch withers like a raisin and dies crying.

Night of the Demon Retrospective – Delays, Death Threats and Jason Voorhees

Well, folks ... I made up my mind some time ago that Mr. James Coker won our weird retrospective contest. His unbridled enthusiasm – as evidenced by good usage of caps lock and exclamation points – charmed me in a way too profound to deny him an in-depth look back at Night of the Demon, an ugly and gruesome Bigfoot flick from 1980.

Retrospective: Attention DC Readers: Where Do We Go Now?

Never let it be said that we're not a fan's website! With two killer retrospectives under his belt, our newest Dread Central scribe, Chris Haberman, is looking to find out what YOU want to see next! So take a second and let him know! In return for your input we may even send you out some free swag to go along with our undying gratitude.

A Look Back at Jaws 3D

2010 has been haunted by the sea-soaked specter of Jaws 3D in ways we never could’ve imagined. In February, weird rumors surfaced regarding a possible remake starring Tracy Morgan. Then Heidi Montag infected the tail end of March with mad gibberish about how much she wants to make a 3D shark film, in which she would battle the beast with her super-tits.