Resident Evil: Retribution

Official Casting News for Resident Evil: Retribution

Well that didn't take very long. Just yesterday we told you that the next installment of the Resident Evil film franchise, Resident Evil: Retribution, would be going before cameras this October, and now some rather unsurprising news has broken today!

Resident Evil: Retribution Shooting in October

The next installment of the Resident Evil film franchise goes before cameras this October, and we've got the early details for you right here. Whether you want them or not. Though she's yet to formally sign on, Milla Jovovich is expected to star in the film along with the already confirmed Sienna Guillory. Paul Anderson is writing the script; no word yet on if he intends to direct.

Milla Jovovich Talks Resident Evil: Retribution

You know, there was a time when we were excited about a new Resident Evil flick coming out. Lately? Not so much. Still, the film franchise does have its fans, and star Milla Jovovich took to Twitter today to talk a little bit about the upcoming sequel with fans who follow her.