Resident Evil: Afterlife

Fourth Resident Evil: Afterlife Clip Feels Like MTV

Another clip for Resident Evil: Afterlife has arrived, and even though this one features Ali Larter's Claire Redfield going at it with The Executioner, it feels more like a video game cut-screen or a music video than it does an actual scene from a movie. Look for Paul W.S. Anderson's upcoming 3D Resident Evil installment, Resident Evil: Afterlife, in theatres September 10th. Official Synopsis:

Third Resident Evil: Afterlife Clip Crashes and Burns

And completing the trifecta of clippage comes another quick look at Resident Evil: Afterlife that will have you flying high. Well, not really. We don't recommend flying while high at all. Makes the turbulence seem much worse. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes! A new clip!

Second Resident Evil: Afterlife Clip FINALLY Brings Some Zombie Action

Finally a clip with a little more meat to it! While some may consider someone flinging their glasses at the screen some form of high entertainment, we need something more visceral. With zombies. Oh, and explosions. And of course ... more Milla!

New Resident Evil: Afterlife Clip Gives us Multiple Millas!

If there's one thing we like around the Dread Central offices it's the opportunity to have not one, not two, but several Milla Jovovich's stomping around. And that's just what this latest clip gives us!

New Behind-the-Scenes Video: Resident Evil: Afterlife

Can't get enough of Resident Evil? Excited for the next installment? Sony Screen Gems released a brand new behind-the-scenes video featurette for the flick that features star Milla Jovovich doling out the goods.

International Trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife Home to a Bit of New Footage

Eagle-eyed readers will find a bit on new footage to dig on from the the latest film in the Resident Evil franchise if they look closely, but will you want to?

Six New Bits of Resident Evil: Afterlife Art

You know, other than the A Perfect Circle song "The Outsider" played during the previews, hardly anything we've seen thus far from Resident Evil: Afterlife has been enticing. It doesn't look like the game and for some reason doesn't really even look like an entry into the RE franchise. The six new pieces of art don't help any either. Two of them are decent, but the others feel like "Matrix Lite". Let's just hope for the best. Dig it.

New Resident Evil: Afterlife Clip Features the Dreaded Albert Wesker

Have you been paying attention to the official website for Resident Evil: Afterlife? If you have, then you've no doubt seen the following short video. However, for you lazy folks out there ... enjoy!

Resident Evil: Afterlife Website Updated with Sweet Wallpaper!

The official website for Resident Evil: Afterlife has just been updated with some pretty cool stuff included everything you need to decorate your desktop or laptop all purdy like! Dig it!

Das German One-Sheet - Resident Evil: Afterlife

Time once again for yet another teaser poster for Resident Evil: Afterlife, and this one comes with a mug of beer and pretzels. Well, not really but we can hope, no?

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Resident Evil: Afterlife - Director Paul W.S. Anderson, Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller Speak

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since we last saw Milla Jovovich kicking ass in Resident Evil: Extinction, but now fans should get ready for a whole new chapter of Alice’s battles with the Umbrella Corporation and the legions of the undead when Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3D hits theaters on September 10th.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Website Relaunched

Sony Screen Gems has relaunched its official website for Resident Evil: Afterlife just in time for Comic-Con, and while there's not much there now, we hear that by the time the weekend is through, you'll be seeing lots and lots! Dig it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Artwork for Sony's Priest and Resident Evil

Sony Pictures is making a splash at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and we've got some images from the booth that's home to two of their biggest genre offerings - Priest and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

New Stills: Resident Evil: Afterlife

Ready for another glimpse into the Afterlife? And by afterlife I mean a world populated by zombies, monsters, and clones of Milla Jovovich. That's right, kids! Time for some more stills from the next installment in the Resident Evil franchise!

Resident Evil: Afterlife - First Look at Boris Kodjoe

A new image coming out today for the next installment in the Resident Evil franchise, this one featuring our first look at actor Boris Kodjoe as Luther West, the leader of the survivors in LA! Can you dig it?