Repo! The Genetic Opera

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Waiting is a pain in the ass, but worse than that is when you're waiting around and no news about something you're really looking forward to pops up. Good thing we've got social networking sites!

Repo! Moves Forward a Bit

The good news? There's some new art for Repo! The bad news? The project is just now reaching the DI color grading stage.

Bousman Updates Saw V, Repo!

So it’s not a big amount of news, but Darren Lynn Bousman just posted on his MySpace blog that the Saw V production offices have officially opened ... a mere two blocks away from where he’s working on Repo! The Genetic Opra.

Bousman Ready to Show Repo!

As Darren Lynn Bousman finalizes the editing on Repo! The Genetic Oprea, it sounds like he’s starting to really wonder just how the general populace will react to it. It’s an all-singing horror movie, for God’s sake, I guess you can’t blame him.

Repo! The Animated Opening!

Before Darren Lynn Bousman got behind the camera to make Repo! The Genetic Opera a reality, he made a short film with some friends on the weekend to prove how good it could be. Since there are some legal SAG issues with posting the entire short, he recently updated his MySpace page with the good news that you can, at least, check out how the short opened. And it’s animated! Dig it below!

A Visit to the Set of Repo! The Genetic Opera!

Flying out to Canada at a moment’s notice is not something I’m accustomed to, still being fairly green to the whole movie industry press gig. When the films to be talked about are Saw IV (review) and Repo! The Genetic Opera, I throw my gear in a bag and take off without further prompting.

Event Report: Spike TV's Scream Awards 2007

The second annual Spike TV Scream Awards marked a huge improvement over last year's show with severed limbs and gore spilling forth into the audience.

Repo! Rolls Next Week!

How lucky can one man get?

Saw IV, Repo Updates

Shooting is going well over on the set of Saw IV, or so director Darren Lynn Bousman reports in his latest Fearnet blog entry. Everyone’s covered in blood, morale is high, and the cast and crew are having a great time.

Zdunich, Terrance (The Molting)

Most people are familiar with Terrance Zdunich the singer and actor due to his heart palpitation-inducing performance as Graverobber in Repo! The Genetic Opera. On September 15th, the world will f

Vega, Alexa (Repo! The Genetic Opera)

There's no doubt about it. Alexa Vega kicks a serious amount of ass in Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Moseley, Bill (Repo! The Genetic Opera)

Few movies get me excited. Unfortunately we live in a time when originality seems like more of an afterthought than something that is sought after. But Darren Lynn Bousman is out to set things straight with his horror musical Rep

Repo Cast & Crew (Repo! The Genetic Opera)

Our man Nomad got the invite to head up to Toronto and see just what the twisted minds behind the Saw franchise were cooking up with their first horror rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Oprea. Boy, was he surprised. You can read about his experiences in our