Behind-the-Scenes Lobby Cards for Renfield: The Un-Dead

Renfield: The Un-Dead had its long awaited home video release earlier this week, and in honor of the occasion Melissa Nichols, one of the film's producers who also worked as production designer, art director, and special makeup effects artist/creature effects assistant (and had a small role in the film - talk about wearing a lot of hats!), sent over a batch of behind-the-scenes lobby cards for us to share.

Renfield: The Un-Dead Will Rise onto DVD this October

Renfield: The Un-Dead, a movie we've been reporting on for quite a while now, is hitting home video courtesy of R Squared Films, and finally everyone will have a chance to see it for themselves this coming October 25th.

Award-Winning Renfield: The Un-Dead Launches New Promo Campaign

Fresh off its win of two Remi awards at the 44th annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, indie horror vampire tale Renfield: The Un-Dead, directed by Bob Willems, written and produced by SFX master Phil Nichols, and starring Nichols in the title role, has launched a clever series of promo images featuring Renfield leaving his mark on history.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Renfield: The Un-Dead

The folks at Poison Apple Films have lifted the curtain a bit on what went on behind-the-scenes during the shooting of Renfield: The Un-Dead, including a special effects "sizzle" reel and a gag reel that shows what happened when Phil Nichols, dressed in character as Renfield, encountered a landscaper on the set.

New Renfield: The Un-Dead Poster; WorldFest 2011 Screening Info

We've been talking about director Bob Willems' Renfield: The Un-Dead for quite a while now, and in case you've been wondering when you might be able to see it, if you happen to live in or around the Houston, Texas, area, you're in luck!

Renfield: The Un-Dead Locks Distribution

One indie project we've been following for a while now is Bob Willems' Renfield: The Un-Dead, and today we learned that the film's distribution will be handled by The Phoenix Group, the same entity that will be distributing the 2010 Boggy Creek remake from Brian T. Jaynes.

Renfield: The Un-Dead Takes a Bite out of AFM 2010

Hot on the heels of their successful premiere at the Bram Stoker Film Festival last month (click here for details and photos from that event), the folks behind Renfield: The Un-Dead are taking AFM by storm and in character.

Renfield: The Un-Dead Website Opens!

Renfield: The Un-Dead is having its world premiere on Friday, October 15th, at the Bram Stoker Film Festival, and to make sure everyone has as much info on the film as possible, Poison Apple Films has unveiled the film's official website - renfieldthemovie.com - along with the winner of their poster contest.

Renfield: The Undead Trailer Debut

Director Bob Willems and screenwriter/lead actor Philip Nichols are just a few weeks away from premiering Renfield: The Undead at the Bram Stoker Film Festival, which runs October 14-17 in Whitby, England; and in honor of the occasion, they're released the first trailer for the film.

Help Pick the Official Renfield: The Undead Poster

Renfield: The Undead director Bob Willem is just about to realize every indie filmmaker's dream of being accepted into a film festival and having his hard work pay off with a world premiere on the big screen. Just one task remains: picking the poster. And he's asking for your help.

Meet Renfield: The Undead's Count Dracula

It's taken a couple of years with a few title changes along the way, but the world premiere of director Bob Willems' Renfield: The Undead is taking place in a few short weeks at the Bram Stoker Film Festival in Whitby, England, which runs October 14-17. In honor of the event at long last we've been provided with some images of Count Dracula from the film.

New Concept Posters for Renfield: The Undead

We've been tracking the progress of director Bob Willems' Renfield: The Undead for quite a while, and now it looks like we're approaching the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The rough cut is done, and an official website and trailer are both due in the next few weeks. We're not sure how they found the time, but the filmmakers just sent over a couple of new concept posters for us to share with our readers.

Indie Film Renfield the Undead Enters Post-Production

Director Bob Willems' recently retitled Renfield the Undead is in its first full week of post-production, and its star/screenwriter Phil Nichols has dropped a new batch of stills on us showcasing some of the make-up effects work by Facades FX.

Updated Image Gallery for Indie Film Renfield

If there's anybody out in the indie world that sends us updates on their projects more often than the multi-talented Phil Nichols, I don't know who it is. Today he sent over a new batch of stills from Vampire Diaries Renfield, but best of all, they include the first shot of one of the creatures Nichols' Facades FX is doing for the film.

More New Stills and an Update on Renfield

Phil Nichols, who portrays Renfield in the currently filming Vampire Diaries Renfield, dropped us a line with an update on the shoot and provided us with a batch of new photos to share with Dread Central readers.