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Bowen Residing in The House of the Devil

Probably one of the best interviews I’ve ever done, not because I was exceptionally good but my subject was, was with The Signal star A.J. Bowen (hear it here!). I want nothing but the best for the bearded badass, so the news that he’ll be appearing in Ti West’s The House of the Devil fills me with joy.

Ti West in The House of the Devil!

Dark Sky Films announced today that they're expanding their original production line (the first is David Gregory’s Plague Town) with a brand-new film from Trigger Man/Cabin Fever 2 director Ti West (pictured), The House of the Devil.

Believers (DVD)

Starring Daniel Benzali, Deanna Russo, Johnny Messner, Jeri Lynn Ryan, Jon Huertas Directed by Daniel Myrick Distributed by Warner Home Video

Unholy Theatrical

While we wait (and wait, and wait) for Anchor Bay to give us some final details on their DVD release of Unholy, the long-anticipated horror flick starring Adrienne Barbeau and Nicholas Brendan, seems it will be finding its way to theaters before it invades you home.

Exclusive: This Fall Gets Unholy!

"We won't be silenced. The EXPERIMENT will be revealed... Due to the controversial nature of the material, intimidating tactics have been used, both legal as well as unethical, in order to hinder the distribution of Unholy. They've succeeded. Until now..." We’ve been sitting on this news for a while now because, well, the right people asked us really nicely. Thankfully today we’ve finally gotten the go ahead to let us open our big mouths as a reward.

New Praises For The Line

Sorry, Shark Attack fans, not that line. Ahem ...

End of the Line (2007)

Reviewed by Rogueboy Starring Ilona Elkin, Nicholas Wright, Robin Wilcock, Joan McBride Directed by Maurice Devereaux

Believers (2007)

Starring Johnny Messner, Jon Huertas, Elizabeth Bogush, John Farley, Daniel Benzali Directed by Daniel Myrick Bring out the Kool-Aid, folks! It’s time for a trip into the rarest of horror movie territories – the world of the doomsday cult!

Choosing Lucifer

I would really like to know why it always seems the guys with the money to get the films made are almost always the ones with little to no clue as to what makes a movie good. Luckily Phillip de Bassi and Byron Willinger are all done with pitch meetings to clueless producers to get their version of Milton’s Paradise Lost on the big screen, as a producer who’s always wanted to see it done, Vincent Newman, eventually met the duo.

First Believers Pic, Release Date

Looking around online for a while, I came to realize that there’s just not a lot of info out there for Blair Witch Project co-director Dan Myrick’s The Believers, his entry into the Warner Bros. Raw Feed line of direct-to-DVD horror.

Thr3e (2007)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Marc Blucas, Justine Waddell, Laura Jordan, Priscilla Barnes, Tom Bower, Bill Moseley Directed by Robby Henson

How to Meet the Anti-Christ

Everyone has a dream of working in one capacity or another in Hollywood, whether it be a fluffer gig on the newest Andrew Blake film or directing Tom Cruise to "reel it in a bit." Lars Von Trier, being the independent free-thinker that he is, wants to help one Danish movie fan get one step closer to his or her dream by offering a chance to be an extra in his next horror film, Anti-Christ.

Von Trier Takes on Antichrist

Oh, now this should get some people spitting cereal first thing in the morning. If only I had more proof that crazy religious groups checked out the site on a regular basis, I could be sure there would many more breakfast-related accidents...

An Unholy Premiere

Just got word from a source close to the production that Unholy, the bizarre sounding indie film starring Adrienne Barbeau and Nicholas Brendan as a mother and son fighting evil in a small Pennsylvania town, will have its world premiere at this year’s Screamfest LA, running October 13th-22nd at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Abbess, Shane (Gabriel)

Sometimes you put everything you have into a film, and sometimes it nearly kills you. That's just such the case with Gabriel (review) director Shane Abbess. Recently Shane sat down with us to give us the lowdown on what it took to