Religious Horror

Religious Horror Sends Us Up the Devil's Creek

The Bible is rife with tales of terror, making it truly a good book. While that last statement may be offensive to some, there's no denying that there's lots of spooky strewn about within its pages.

DVD and Blu-ray Art and Specs for Ti West's The House of the Devil

One of our favorite flicks of the year, Ti West's retro thriller The House of the Devil, is finally coming home on DVD and Blu-ray early next year, and we've got the artwork and specs to help further whet your appetites.

The House of the Devil - Ti West and Jocelin Donahue Q&A TONIGHT!

Tonight only, director Ti West and actress Jocelin Donahue will be holding a Q&A session after the 7:20pm and 9:45pm screenings of The House of the Devil at the Sunset 5 in Los Angeles.

The House of the Devil: Live Twitter Chat with Director Ti West

Ah, Twitter. You've changed just about everything, haven't you? You and your little bird. I never thought I'd ever partake in something known as "tweeting", but yes, I too am addicted! Now members of the online mini-blogging service will have a chance to talk with director Ti West about his latest film The House of the Devil (review here).

The Devil's Hostage Website Now Live

The good folks that gave us Wicked Lake (review) have returned with a follow-up. Satanic horror flick The Devil’s Hostage is on the way, and the official site is now up and running. Read on for more devious details!

Sixth House of the Devil Poster Surfaces

One of the coolest things about Ti West's The House of the Devil (review here) has been the barrage of badass mock-vintage posters that have appeared over the last few months. There have been six in total, including the one we're about to show you. The House of the Devil is a satanic thriller set in the 1980's starring Jocelin Donahue, indie ingénue Greta Gerwig, Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, AJ Bowen, and Dee Wallace-Stone. Synopsis

Three New House of the Devil Posters

Just the other night a couple of Dread Central staffers got together to watch Ti West's The House of the Devil (review here), and if we didn't know any better, we would have sworn we were watching a long lost flick from the late 70's/early 80's. It's just that authentic. As are the three new retro posters that just landed in our mailbox.

New Clip: The House of the Devil

Ti West's The House of the Devil (review here) is one of those movies that really has to be seen to be appreciated. It's a love letter to all the Seventies and Eighties Satan worshiping flicks those of us in our thirties and forties grew up loving, and holy cow does it look and feel completely authentic. Seriously, if you didn't know this was new, it could easily pass for an old classic. Need an example? How about a new clip?

Five Minutes From The House of the Devil

Looking to take in a little bit of mayhem? Well then, how about trying five minutes from Ti West's House of the Devil (review here) on for size? It's like an old comfy blood-stained sweater!

Exclusive New House of the Devil Stills

One film we've been looking forward to for months now is Ti West's House of the Devil (review here), which promises some old school mood, tension, and buildup. To help get you guys ready for the journey, the filmmakers have provided Dread Central with three exclusive new stills.

Wicked New House of the Devil Poster and Contest

Want to see badass? Then get ready to dig on the latest poster for Ti West's The House of the Devil (review here. And while you're at it, there's a contest cooking that you can actually help us win to get you even more goodies! Think of it as payback for all the cool stuff we give ya anyway!

The House of the Devil Opening at Screamfest / New Red Band Trailer

Ti West's latest film, The House of the Devil (review here), has been making quite a bit of noise lately and deservedly so as it's supposed to kick a copious amount of ass. Good news for all parties concerned ... the film has been added to the 2009 Screamfest LA lineup, and it's gotten itself a brand spanking new red band trailer for you to dig on!

Zombie Jesus Comic Book Prince of Pieces Soon to be Risen

A comic book about a pissed off zombie Jesus returning to devour the flesh of sinners... No, this won't offend anyone. Prince of Pieces is a comic book currently in development, and perhaps the most shocking thing of all is knowing Brian Pulido is in no way involved.

The Message Gets Preachy with New Trailer

Only the power of Christ should compel you to watch the latest trailer for Erica Leerhsen's new Christian horror flick, The Message. Personally, I'll pass. I have enough people telling me what to do without Jesus jumping on the bandwagon.

Satanic Panic - New Stills and Trailer

Three new stills and another trailer have made their way online today for Marc Selz's upcoming devil-fest Satanic Panic courtesy of the director himself, and rather than being stingy, we figured we'd share.