Religious Horror

Fox Thrilled to Go Biblical with The Unseen

Religion-based horror movies have a tendency to become box office cash cows, and even though they struck out with Devil's Due, Fox is looking to stay in the game with a new biblical terror tale entitled The Unseen.

Borderlands, The (2013)

Starring Robin Hill, Gordon Kennedy, Luke Neal Directed by Elliot Goldner

Exclusive Early Look at Zombie Jesus Comic Book Prince of Pieces

We've been talking about Sam Miserendino's graphic novel Prince of Pieces, a satirical horror story about the return of Jesus, for several years now. Finally it's nearing completion, and what better day to unveil an exclusive early look than Friday the 13th?!? Fresh off the cross, here are four new images.

New Poster for Wake Before I Die Comes With a Warning

Fans of religious horror, keep your eyes on Todd and Jason Freeman's Wake Before I Die, a feature length film adapted from the novel My Soul to Take by their pastor father Dale Freeman. Check out the trailer and a new poster from artist Tom Hodge at The Dude Designs - and Fear Thy Neighbor!

Prophecy, The (Blu-ray)

Starring Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas, Eric Stoltz, Virginia Madsen, Viggo Mortensen Directed by Gregory Widen Distributed by Echo Bridge Entertainment

Five Preachy New Clips From Red State

Kevin Smith's long talked about and highly controversial new film Red State is finally hitting DVD and Blu-ray next week, and to get you geared up, we have five clips for you all to chew on. Dig 'em!

Blu-ray / DVD Artwork - Kevin Smith's Red State

Finally we've nabbed the official artwork for the home video release of Kevin Smith's Red State for you. Get ready to dig on every single pixel. God wants you to. No really. We got that message via burning bush.

Red State To Get Theatrical Release On September 25

Kevin Smith's Red State is upon us - available to download from virtually every reputable source around. For the theatrical purists among you, however, there's still a chance to catch the film in what will be a fairly limited screening engagement beginning on September 25th.

Official Red State Image Gallery Now Open

With Kevin Smith's Red State finally coming home to Blu-ray and DVD soon, we scored you cats a throng of high-res imagery to get you in the mood for the occasion. Say your prayers and take a gander! From the Press Release

Red State DVD and Blu-ray Specs Announced

One of the year's most controversial films, Kevin Smith's Red State, will be coming home to both Blu-ray and DVD this fall, and we've got a look at what to expect once it gets here. From the Press Release

Official Trailer Debut and New Artwork - Kevin Smith's Red State

As the prospect of a more reasonably priced way to see Kevin Smith's Red State rapidly approaches, a new one-sheet and trailer have arrived. Dig on it all below. Red State stars Kyle Gallner, Melissa Leo, Dermot Mulroney, Michael Angarano, Steven Root, Michael Parks and John Goodman.

Red State Goes VOD in September

Don't have $80.00 to see Kevin Smith's new film Red State during its traveling theatrical run? Who does? In any event, your patience will soon be paying off as you'll be able to take in the flick over Labor Day via VOD.

Two New Red State One-Sheets Turn Everything Upside Down

Don't have eighty bucks to shell out to see Kevin Smith's Red State during his theatrical tour? Well, don't worry, kids, we're not about to charge you to see his two new one-sheets from the film. Though we did think about it.

New Red State Poster Extends the Long Arm of the Law

It's been a while, but Kevin Smith is back with another Red State themed charity poster unveiling, this one showcasing Stephen Root as "Sheriff Wynan". Take a gander inside. And as always it comes with a message from Smith: "If you’re a movie website or film journalist and you want to feature this poster or use it in a story, don’t be a detail-thin dick.

New Trailer for Kevin Smith's Red State and Final Theatrical One-Sheet

A brand spanking new trailer has arrived for Kevin Smith's Red State (review here), and we have it here for you along with the final one-sheet and even a new plot crunch! Dig it!