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Henry Cavill and Kellan Lutz Show Some Skin in First Immortals Stills

The first stills from Tarsem Singh's 3D mythology epic Immortals have made their way online, and they feature the next Superman, Henry Cavill; a member of Twilight's Cullen clan, Kellan Lutz; Iron Man's nemesis Mickey Rourke; and a Slumdog's love interest, Freida Pinto.

David R. Ellis Fighting For Greatest Movie Title Ever - Untitled 3D Shark Thriller

So what's in a name? If you're David R. Ellis, just the facts! Ellis has long been known as a director who isn't afraid to embrace the camp value of his various projects, and if he has his way, the film formerly known as Shark Night 3D will have a pretty polarizing moniker.

Relativity Media Lets The Raven Take Flight

Good new for folks who are looking forward to seeing John Cusack spread his wings as Edgar Allan Poe in The Raven. Relativity Media has acquired distribution rights to the Intrepid Pictures project, and now that production is wrapped and it has a home, more info should be coming by the boatload.

Relativity Releasing Immortals in North America on 11-11-11

Relativity Media announced today that it will theatrically market and distribute its 3D epic Immortals, in association with Universal Pictures International, in North America. On November 11, 2011, legends of the Greek Gods will come to life like never before when this film hits theaters.

Ron Perlman, Robert Sheehan & Charles Roven Talk Season of the Witch

Today we had the opportunity to participate in some press functions for the upcoming Season of the Witch, which included interviews with actors Ron Perlman and Robert Sheehan along with producer Charles Roven.

Latest Season of the Witch TV Spot Home to Many Horrors

The first big screen horror movie of 2011, Season of the Witch, is nearly here; and as you'll see from the latest TV spot, there are lots of horrors waiting for theatregoers!

Fourth Season of the Witch Video Journal Gets its Period

Looking for more info regarding Dominic Sena's latest flick Season of the Witch starring Nicolas Cage? Well then strap in because it is time for video journal number four!

Third Season of the Witch Video Journal Takes You Inside the Sorcery!

And the video goodies keep rolling in for Season of the Witch! Who's ready for another video journal? Come on! Show of hands ... Well, okay, but you're getting one anyway!

Seventh Season of the Witch Clip Brings on the Swordplay

Adding to the canon of promotional material put out there for the upcoming Season of the Witch, we have yet another clip that finally brings some fightin' action for you adrenaline fiends.

Take a Peek Inside the Season of the Witch Video Journals

We couldn't be more ready for Season of the Witch to get into theatres! There's nothing like kickin' off a new year with a new Nicolas Cage movie! Let's take a look behind-the-scenes shall we?

Trailer and One-Sheet Debut - Limitless

Well, we now know why the film's original title of The Dark Fields was dropped. It made the thriller now known as Limitless sound a bit too much like a horror movie. In some ways we guess it still is, but barely. Tell us what you think. Limitless stars Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel and Robert De Niro. Look for it on March 18, 2011.

Two More Season of the Witch Clips Work Their Magic

Oh, Nicolas Cage. We just can't quit you. In fact, your movies for better or worse always end up bringing a smile to our faces, and the upcoming Season of the Witch is no different! Behold two more clips!

Four Season of the Witch Clips Cast a Spell On You!

That's right, kids! Nicolas Cage's Season of the Witch is right around the corner, and who knows what horrors and hilarity await fans! We've got a taste of it for you right here with the following four clips!

Limitless Proves that Drugs are Good

We've all seen the commercials for strange medications that we've never heard of before. You see the images of happy people engaging in any number of activities -- hugging their loved ones, playing with pets, running on the beach -- but they never tell you what the hell the pill is for!

First Season of the Witch Clip Gets Thrown to Wolves

Caught the trailer for Season of the Witch last night before an impromptu screening of Unstoppable and was instantly reminded of how absolutely unintentionally hilarious this flick could end up. Lord, we can't wait! To whet your appetite as well, the first clip from the flick has surfaced! Dig it!