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Expanded Image Gallery for Tarsem Singh's Immortals

When we said we had an image gallery earlier this month for the upcoming film Immortals, little did we know we hadn't seen anything yet. Behold, by the power of the gods, our expanded image gallery containing over three dozen photos!

A New Clip Arrives for Tarsem Singh's Immortals

A new clip has surfaced for the upcoming Immortals in which Theseus (Henry Cavill) comes face to face with King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke). As you'd expect, it's not an especially pleasant encounter.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Becomes Another Person Who Left The Crow Remake

The Crow just can't seem to keep anyone attached to it, huh? Yes, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo becomes yet another person who was once attached to Relativity Media's ill-advised remake. He's moving on to other things now, however, while producer Edward "I'll get this film made if I have to hold someone at gunpoint to do it" Pressman goes back to the well of acclaimed foreign directors.

Image Gallery for Tarsem Singh's Immortals

A big batch of eight new images has shown up on the Facebook page for Relativity Media's upcoming Immortals, and we've combined them with a few others that we've already seen to create an image gallery for the film. Check it out!

New One-Sheet for The Raven Comes Tap Tap Tapping at Our Door

We knew it wouldn't be long after the trailer premiered that we'd sink our talons into the first official teaser one-sheet for James McTeigue's The Raven, and that time has come! Read on for the goodies!

The Raven - Relativity Media and Baltimore Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe

As well they should, too! In honor of the 162nd anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s death today, October 7, 2011, and in support the upcoming release of Relativity Media’s The Raven, black-wrapped cars, mannequins, and trash cans with “RIP EAP” emblazoned on them appeared in the Fells Point section of Baltimore, Maryland, and we've got some images from the event right here for you!

Impressive Trailer Debut - The Raven

As promised, the trailer for James McTeigue's upcoming film The Raven is here, and much to our delight we like what we see. Check it out for yourself, and be sure to keep Poe in your thoughts today, the 162nd anniversary of his death.

Two New Stills from The Raven; Trailer Coming Soon

Friday, October 7th, marks the 162nd anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death, and in honor of the occasion we have two new stills from James McTeigue's upcoming film The Raven. In addition, the director and Luke Evans, one of the film's stars, will participate in a ceremony at Poe's gravesite in Baltimore tomorrow, which is also when the first trailer will be released.

First Look at Entourage's Alice Eve in The Raven

You want eye candy? Brothers and sisters, we have got you covered. What better way to conclude a Friday afternoon than with your first look at the lovely Alice Eve ("Entourage") in the upcoming James McTeigue flick The Raven?

A Small Update on The Crow Reboot

A tidbit of news regarding the upcoming The Crow reboot hit the Internet today in the form of producer Edward R. Pressman saying that a script has been delivered in the last 48 hours by Alex Tse, one of the Watchmen scribes.

Shark Night Central - Read the Review, Dig on Interviews, Watch Clips and More!

The non-stop assault to your senses by nature's most efficient killers comes to a head with the theatrical release of Relativity Media's Shark Night 3D in theaters. If the insane amount of coverage wasn't enough to help you decide what to spend your hard-earned dough this weekend, we hope that this nifty package of our choice bits will do the trick.

Dread Central's Highlights from Shark Night 3D Roundtable Interviews with Joel David Moore, Sara Paxton and More!

Tonight at midnight horror fans all over will be able to see for themselves if Shark Night 3D has any bite to it or not. Directed by David R. Ellis (The Final Destination), Shark Night 3D is centered around a group of college friends who set out for a relaxing weekend lakeside, only to witness their vacation turn into a bloody disaster after they realize the lake has somehow become overrun by a gaggle of angry (and hungry) sharks.

CONTEST CLOSED! Arm Yourself with Shark Night 3D Swag!

With Shark Night 3D swimming into theatres this Friday, September 2nd, we here at Dread Central thought thatvnow would be an appropriate time to give away some official goodies to fend off the flesh-eaters!

Exclusive Q&A - David R. Ellis Talks Shark Night 3D

Who would have thought back in 1996, when stuntman-turned-director David R. Ellis made his directorial debut with a sequel to the family movie Homeward Bound that he would go down in movie history as one of the main faces of horror cinema of the 00s?

Shark Night 3D Video Interviews With Chris Carmack, Chris Zylka, Alyssa Diaz and Sinqua Walls

As theatre-goers seek respite from the summer heat in those nice chilled movie theaters this weekend, they can expect to be terrorized by more creatures. This time, Relativity Media's Shark Night 3D offers up an up close view of nature's most efficient killers in action against those perfect beach bodies.