Relativity Media

War of Gods Gets a New Title and Expands Its Cast

Just a few days ago we learned that Stephen Dorff has joined the cast of Tarsem Singh's War of Gods, and now comes word that the project has been renamed and added another actor to its already fairly impressive roster: two-time Oscar nominee John Hurt.

Andrew Howard Brings Evil to The Dark Fields

Every good film needs a good villain, and if there's one thing that actor Andrew Howard is damned good at, it's being completely and unabashedly wicked. Guess that makes him the logical choice to play the heavy in the upcoming flick The Dark Fields.

Anna Friel the Next to Run Through The Dark Fields

Is it just us, or are there like four million movies featuring the word "fields" in their titles lately? In any event only one of those films is home to actor Robert De Niro, and that's the one we're most interested in!

Who Needs a Clash of the Titans When You Can Have a War of Gods?

One more casting addition has been made to Relativity Media's answer to Clash of the Titans, entitled War of Gods. Someone who has a whole lot of experience fighting beasties both mythical and otherwise!

Rogue Pictures to Open The Dark Fields in 2011

We finally have a release date for Neil Burger's feature film adaptation of The Dark Fields. Look for the flick to hit theatres nationwide on March 18th, 2011. Yes, that seems like one hell of a wait but some things are just worth it.

Go Down on Terror

Yes, we know. The headline sounds a bit kinky, but it's Friday, damnit! After such a long week we should all be entitled to be as kinky as we like, not to mention be allowed to go down on anything that we want!

Robert De Niro Heads Off into The Dark Fields

Here at Dread Central there are certain actors whom we will watch no matter what they do. One such person who falls under that category is the legendary Robert De Niro, and we get especially excited when it turns out that his next flick will be in the horror genre!

Early Details on Rubicon from Relativity and Atlas

"Revenge Thriller" -- two words that can mean horror or just an action-packed heavy drama, but considering the pedigree of the people involved in the recently announced Rubicon, we thought we'd pass on the info just in case it leans more toward the former than the latter.

Tag Film Finds Director

It’s been a very long time since we heard about any progress of the film version of the Boom! Studios’ Tag comic, so its fortunate that the guys over at BD’s Graphic Content got their hands on some news this weekend.

Scribe Nabbed for Afterburn

Red 5 Comics’ Afterburn is making its way to the big screen, and this morning THR has learned that Matt Johnson (Torque, Into the Blue) has been tapped to pen the screenplay.

Relativity Nabs Rogue

After months of negotiations Variety reports that Relativity Media has officially snapped up Rogue Pictures from the hands of Universal Pictures, closing the deal for around $150 million.

Norrington to Reboot Crow Franchise

After taking a self-imposed sabbatical following the “demoralizing” experience of making League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which I felt demoralized just watching, Variety reports that Stephen Norrington is returning to filmmaking with a new film based on James O’Barr’s classic antihero, The Crow.