Red Sea Media

Joshua Cordes Will Have You Dreaming of the Chimera

Skyline co-writer Joshua Cordes will be making his directorial debut on a film which he also wrote called Chimera for Red Sea Media. Read on for some early artwork and details.

Darren Lynn Bousman Commits Sacrilege at Cannes

Yep, easily my favorite headline of the day. No, Darren Lynn Bousman isn't doing anything truly sinful at Cannes, but hopefully he's ready to give audiences something rife with all manner of debauchery. Read on for the first details regarding his new film Sacrilege!

US Poster for First Ukranian 3D Horror Film Synevir

Red Sea Media has released the poster art for one of its many upcoming horror titles, Alexander Alyoshechkin’s Synevir 3D, an eerie film being coined “the Ukrainian Bigfoot,” set in an historical location.