Red Mist

DVD Releases: Dec. 8, 2009: Run Bitch Run from The Lights of the InAlienable Cyclops

It looks like Anchor Bay is wishing everyone a "Blu" Christmas as it releases a wide variety of films ranging from The Alphabet Killer to Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon to Walled In to Cyclops to Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer onto Blu-ray for the first time. Now that's a lot of cerulean!

DVD Releases: Doom Lodger Tales

A lot of good stuff hits this Tuesday, February 10th, including two anthology shows, two Bruce Campbell movies, two Lodgers, a high-def Darko, psychic killers and a big Blu Doom! Check out the full list below...

Red Mist (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Arielle Kebbel, Sarah Carter, Stephen Dillane, MyAnna Buring, Andrew Lee Potts Directed by Paddy Breathnach Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Red Mist Gets New Site & Trailer

Paddy Breathnach's latest horror flick, Red Mist, got itself a spiffy new website that features an all new trailer, and as per usual we've got the directions for you to check out the goods!

First Look at Red Mist DVD Art

Paddy Breathnatch made his unique name known with Shrooms (DVD review), one of the first horror movies made about the dangers of psychotropic mushrooms (well, kind of). Now he’s back with Red Mist (back from its modified title of Freakdog), which Anchor Bay has prepped for a DVD release on February 10th.

Anchor Bay Gets Red Mist

Anchor Bay just sent out a press release announcing their acquisition of Paddy Breathnatch’s Shrooms (DVD review) follow-up, Red Mist (aka Freakdog). The Bay will be putting Red Mist on DVD come February 10th, 2009.

Frightfest Reveals Freakdog Poster

While checking out the listings on the Frightfest website, I noticed they have the first ever poster for

Paddy Breathnach's Freakdog Trailer!

Well, Paddy Breathnach's Freakdog isn't exactly what we thought it would be about. The plot synopsis we got before turns out to be off just a tad. That's not a bad thing, and the trailer looks like it may hit all the right spots as far as revenge movies are concerned.

First Pics from Freakdog!

As more news comes out regarding Shrooms (review) director Paddy Breathnach's latest project, I can't help but wonder why the film's name got changed. Now that we have more of the plot details, the original title seems to fit a whole lot better.

Red Mist Gets Freaky

In news that just kinda came out of nowhere, Fangoria got word that Shrooms (review) director Paddy Breathnach's follow up feature that has been commonly known as Red Mist will be undergoing a name change, to Freakdog of all things.

Official Red Mist Synopsis

Remember Paddy Breathnach’s Red Mist, his enigmatic follow up to Shrooms (DVD review)? It was announced in passing a few times, but to date nothing official has been given out as to what it’s actually about.

Breathnach's Mist Exclusively Irish?

Just the other day we told you about Paddy (Shrooms) Breathnach’s next film, Red Mist, which is currently lensing in Belfast (“Shrooms Follow-up Gets Four” – February 2008), but at the time we knew zilch about it.

Shrooms Follow-Up Gets Four

Paddy Breathnach isn’t waiting around to see how well his first film, Shrooms, does when it's released here in the States on DVD this March 25th; Variety is reporting that he’s already moved on to his next project, a supernatural thriller called Red Mist.

Buring, MyAnna (Doomsday)

MyAnna Buring got her start in the eyes of horror fans playing the doomed sister Sam in Neil Marshall’s The Descent and has stayed pretty damn close to our genre ever since. Her role in