Red Earth

Burrowers Prequel Debuts on FEARnet

The buzz on the upcoming DVD release The Burrowers has been generally positive so it’s very cool that director J.T. Petty is giving horror fans a taste of what happened before his acclaimed full-length Western-themed creature feature with an 18-minute short film called Blood Red Earth (previously called simply "Red Earth").

Exclusive: Burrowers Prequel Named

On the set of David Gregory’s Plague Town last night (more on that later), I got to chatting with one of the makeup effects guys on the project, and he made mention of having worked with J.T. Petty on a project recently, something called “Red Earth”.

Burrowing Into Fearnet

As JT Petty comes closer to finishing his first "studio" pic, The Burrowers, and Fearnet is close to launching their prequel for 30 Days of Night, the two projects are inching closer and closer together so that they have something in common. Other than blood.