REC Apocalypse

First Bit of Test Make-Up: [REC] Genesis

Let's see. Thus far we've been treated to a slew of fake posters for [REC] Genesis. Wouldn't it be nice to have something, anything, concrete? Your wish is our command.

UPDATE: One-Sheet Debut: [REC] Genesis

The first official one-sheet for [REC] Genesis has arrived, and for whatever reason it reminds us more of the Resident Evil games than any of the posters for the Resident Evil movies. Dig it!

International One-Sheet Debut - REC: Apocalypse?

Yes. We know that [REC] Genesis is the third film in the franchise. So why is there a Russian one-sheet for [REC] Apocalypse online? Because someone's been hittin' the Smirnoff! [REC] directors Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero will split directing responsibilities for the next two films in the franchise, [REC] Genesis and [REC] Apocalypse.

First Casting News: [REC] Genesis

The first new cast members to hop aboard the unlikely yet totally kick-ass [REC] franchise have been named, and you know what that means ... we're that much closer to [REC] Genesis finally getting made!

[REC]: Genesis and [REC]: Apocalypse - Finally a Good Look at the Teaser Art

Finally after months of rocking semi-centered slightly blurry looks at the teaser posters for both [REC]: Genesis and [REC]: Apocalypse we've got a good look at the goodies for you. Sure, they're nothing too special and are exactly what you'd expect but at least now they're in focus!

[REC] Sequels, [REC] Genesis and [REC] Apocalypse, Are Selling, Selling, Selling!

When we first saw [REC] a few years ago, we never pegged it for a film that could be franchised. The truly badass sequel [REC] 2 totally proved us wrong, and we have to say we're more than ready for parts three and four. Apparently so are plenty of other places ...

Teaser Art for [REC] Genesis and [REC] Apocalypse

Something really late out of Cannes. At the big show there was some very early teaser art for both [REC] Genesis and [REC] Apocalypse, and through the wonder of the snipping tool, we have a quick look at both of them for you.

Not One but Two New [REC]s Coming Our Way

With the original [REC] filmmakers Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró delivered a truly insane experience that was of course neutered and changed into a flick called Quarantine here in the States. [REC] 2 expanded on the first one's demonic storyline (really, screw rabies) and delivered a movie that is akin to mixing Doom 3 with The Exorcist. Both flicks were badass, and now word has come that the duo are bringing us two more flicks in the franchise via Filmax called [REC] Genesis and [REC] Apocalypse!