REC 3 Genesis

Things Get Nasty in First [Rec] 3: Genesis Imagery

Yesterday we brought you the very first official one-sheet for Paco Plaza's [Rec] 3: Genesis and today we have happy sunny wedding photos for you along with a giant hulking bleeding possessed demon. Talk about juxtaposition!

Official [Rec] 3: Genesis One-Sheet Offers First Look at Star Leticia Dolera

We promise, folks. No bullshit fan made stuff this time. What you're about to see is the first official piece of artwork for Paco Plaza's [Rec] 3: Genesis. No really. Not kidding. This is legit. We swear!

More Behind-the-Scenes Madness with Paco Plaza on [REC] 3: Genesis - The Haunted Location

A couple of weeks ago we let you know about Paco Plaza using the web to take fans behind-the-scenes of his upcoming film [REC 3]: Genesis. Today the man himself has offered another update. One that may indeed send shivers down your spines. Translated from the Blog

Paco Plaza Takes You Behind-the-Scenes of [REC] 3: Genesis

The web truly is a wonderful thing. With the ability to get news as it happens rather than waiting every month for a magazine to come out, and with the avenue open for directors to get directly in touch with fans, there's never been a better time to be a horror fan.

REC 3: Genesis Starts Production Next Monday

After a barrage of fake posters, something official has finally come our way regarding the third film in Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's [REC] franchise: REC 3 Genesis. Imagine that!

AFM 2010: Synopsis for REC 3: Genesis Revealed Along with Art for it and REC 4: Apocalypse

The [REC] franchise is quickly becoming one of the most beloved amongst the fanbase, particularly because of the no holds barred approach of the first two films. We've got an early look at what to expect from the third film in the series directed by Paco Plaza, [REC] 3: Genesis, which may surprise you, along with some early teaser art! From the AFM Brochure