Exclusive First Info: Jaume Balagueró Talks REC 3 - Will Return to Direct Third Film!

At a recent screening of Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's demon infested sequel [REC]2 (review here), Dread Central was on hand to catch up with Balagueró and get the scoop on the next film in the franchise. Will he and Plaza be directing the third entry when it happens? HELL YES!

REC 2 Gets Italian One-Sheets / REC 3 Gets Debunked

Ah, the Internet. What a wonderful and sometimes foul place you can be. Sure ... it gives us the means to see international artwork for our most anticipated films, etc., but it also provides pinheads with the ability to dupe millions of fans by buying domains, putting up fake images, and engaging in all manner of general douchbaggery.

REC 3 is Such a Little Tease

With REC 2 (review here) enjoying a some really positive buzz, REC 3 is getting some love in the form of a new teaser image.

Third REC Coming Soon?

With REC 2 (review here) enjoying a successful opening weekend in its homeland, buzz has already started that there will be a third entry into this now unexpected franchise.