Rebecca Perry Cutter

An Image Gallery Filled With Your Besties!

Besties is coming to VOD January 21 from Phase 4 Films, and right now we have nearly a dozen new stills for you guys to befriend. You know you want to. Everyone needs somebody, right? Especially a psychopath.

Become Besties With a Psycho in January

Word has just come that a spine-chilling thriller in the tradition of Single White Female (didn't know she had a tradition), Besties, is coming to VOD January 21 from Phase 4 Films. Read on for details.

Fantastic Fest 2012: New Clip and Stills Become Besties

We all have our special friends that we would do anything in the world for. No matter how sick, depraved, gross, vile, wicked, disingenuous, loathsome, evil, despicable, horrid, malevolent... oh, you get the idea! Read on!