Ghostbusters Firehouse Closing Doors

It's a sad time to be a Ghostbusters fan. Bill Murray refuses to take an hour out of his time to read a script. Ernie Hudson is still being disrespected. Slimer's in the market for lubricant. And now? The famed firehouse used in the movie is closing its doors thanks to budget cuts brought on by a shit economy.

The C.D.C. Teaches Us How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

We live in strange times. The US has hit the debt ceiling. Certain Christian groups are prepping for the Rapture (not the Blondie song). Donald Trump nearly threw his comb-over into the Presidential race. People actually pay the cast of "The Jersey Shore" to be their normal douchebag selves. And now? The actual C.D.C. has issued a Zombie Apocalypse survival guide on its website.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Nobody's Fool!

Words kind of fail us this week as we bring to you yet another WTF Friday video. If you've never heard the name Dwight David Honeycutt before, we can assure you that after viewing this video, you're not likely to forget it.

Nearly 400 Lbs. of Evil Jumps into Fishing Boat

We pick and choose exactly what kind of reality based stories to cover here on Dread Central, mainly because, well, real world news is depressing and more horrific than anything we can conjure up. However, every now and again something grabs us (or should I say bites us?), and we can't resist. Case in point ...

Bird with a Broken Wing Getting Ready to Take Flight

There are some people out there who define the word "horror". An unknown assailant whom the media dubbed the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker (EAR/ONS) back in the Eighties is just such a man, and his heinous story and more is getting ready to be told via the medium of independent film.

Syfy Delves Deeper into Reality with Three New Shows

For my money the only paranormal show worth its salt is "Destination Truth", but that doesn't mean I won't consume new bits of spooky stuff like a bag of BBQ potato chips when it comes my way!

Real Life Psycho Knows Mother is His Best Friend

We limit the amount of real life horror stories around here because, well, real life is horrendous enough without having to peek into those very dark corners of humanity. As a result only the most deranged and obscure happenings make it to our pages. Such as ...

A Chilly New Way to Dispose of the Corpse of a Loved One

So you know you're gonna croak or someone close to you has kicked the bucket. Usually there are only two standard options ... burial or cremation. Both are for pussies! A new Swedish company has a third option for those of you out there tough enough to handle the spectacle.

James Franco to Direct and Star in Night Stalker Film

No, not Karl Kolchak, everyone's favorite paranormal investigating reporter. We are talking about one of the most evil men to ever walk the face of the Earth here, the serial killer known as The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez.

Two New Projects for Syfy: School Spirits and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

Folks bummed over the cancellation of "Caprica" can take consolation in the news that writers Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg are teaming up again for another potential Syfy series, "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)", for which they are penning the pilot. And that's just the first of two new projects for the network.

Be Ready to Discover The Exorcist Files

The devil and possession have been drawing big box office dollars for a long time now, but can big red also attract monster-sized TV ratings? That's what the Discovery Channel is banking on with its latest series, "The Exorcist Files".

Horror in Arkansas! Thousands of Animals Dead

It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm doing my usual news sweep and come across two real life stories coming out of one state that have simply knocked me on my ass. Let me start off by saying no, this is NOT a viral marketing scheme, but it is some truly horrifying shit!

MGM Getting Back on Stable Ground? Hope for Future Projects?

If you're around my age or older the prospect of a movie world without MGM seems wrong. Very wrong. Hell, unimaginable. The lion has been roaring for many years, and even though he took a financial stumble, he looks as if he's getting ready to go back on the prowl.

Perhaps the MPAA Won't Be Targeting the Horror Genre After all

We all know the MPAA mixes with the horror genre like oil and water, so it was no surprise when we ran a story stating that the MPAA was looking to cast a far more critical eye when it comes to rating films belonging to our beloved genre. But today there's a statement straight from the lion's mouth to suggest otherwise. Do you buy it?

MPAA Embarrassed by Blue Valentine, Looks to Screw Horror Genre as a Result

Well, isn't this just another kick in the ass? For decades the MPAA has been screwing with the horror genre, neutering its content, dumbing everything down, and generally slapping it around while violent mainstream cinema goes by unscathed. The double standard is nothing short of ridiculous. We can't have campy flicks with an over-the-top amount of humorous violence; that would be bad for us.