Real-Life Serial Killer Joins Dark Minds Season 2 on Investigation Discovery

The popularity of shows like “The Following” and “Dexter” proves how fascinated we are with serial killers, and in the new season of Investigation Discovery's "Dark Minds," viewers will hear from a real convicted serial killer, who formulates theories about the motives of unsolved murders.

Meteors Hit Russia! Alien Apocalypse to Begin Shortly!

This is how it always starts, man. Meteors hit the Earth. Aliens emerge. We are brought to the brink of destruction and look to Will Smith to save us all. In any event, Russia has been getting pounded by space rocks, and we're inevitably doomed. Watch the video!

Demonic Activity Shuts Down School

Hot on the heels of yesterday's story regarding false reports of the dead returning to life in Montana comes this nifty piece from the Jamaica Star that tells of a public school being shut down due to demonic activity and possession. And you thought our school system was nuts.

False Emergency Alert in Montana Warns of Zombie Attacks

Oh, how we love stories like this one! A hacker briefly commandeered the Emergency Alert System of TV station KRTV in Great Falls, Montana, yesterday and informed viewers that a zombie apocalypse was under way.

Get Your First Look at Syfy's New Series Stranded

If you thought Paranormal Activity was scary, get ready for "Stranded," a reality series from Syfy that premieres on Wednesday, February 27th, at 9PM (ET/PT). We have all the details on the show and a few sneak peeks.

Thank You, Stickam. You Will Be Missed.

Here at Dread Central we do our best to bring you the news and coverage you can’t get anywhere else. Running a site of this kind requires a lot of different components coming together to work seamlessly behind the scenes.

Have a Couple Million Bucks Lying Around? Then You Can Own the Nightmare on Elm Street House!

In the market for a new home nestled deep in West Hollywood? Maybe some infamous digs known for their connection to a badly burned homicidal maniac with a penchant for making your life a living hell via your dreams? Then read on!

The Iceman Cometh in this Latest Trailer

While not a straight horror movie by any stretch of the imagination, the exploits of one Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski are truly the stuff of nightmares, and that's why we're giving you a quick peek at the latest trailer for The Iceman.

The Walking Dumb - Man Shoots Girlfriend over Walking Dead Argument

Traditionally known as walkers, pus-brain bags of shit, etc., everyone knows that for the most part zombies can be counted amongst the dullest tools in the shed. The scarier part? Live thinking humans can exhibit far less brain power than the instinct-driven shamblers.

Paranormal Witness Season 3 Teaser Will Freak You Out!

"Paranormal Witness" is returning to Syfy for a third season in 2013, and the network has released the first teaser for the upcoming episodes. Watch it now... and prepare to freak out!

Watch All Ten of the AMC Fearfest 'Living Nightmares' Mini-Docs and Get Your Shock On!

AMC's month-long Fearfest celebration just got interesting with the release of a series of mini-docs titled "Living Nightmares," which feature one major human fear per episode.

Vincenzo Natali Unleashes #TheUndeading For a Good Cause

There's a lot wrong with this world. We have a tendency to mistreat others almost as much as we mistreat ourselves and that's something we really have to stop. As a reminder to be more aware of our own well being and the well being of others we have a treat for you cats.

Haunted Houses for Sale - Amityville and The Haunted Mansion

Act now, kids! If you have the scratch, you could end up landing yourself the ULTIMATE in horror collectibles: the actual home from The Amityville Horror and another house that's a replica of Disney's Haunted Mansion. Read on for details.

Help the Good Folks at Flashback Weekend Save the Midway Drive-In

Normally we don't do this kind of thing, but many of us here at Dread Central spent some of our fondest movie-going memories at our local drive-ins, and we have a feeling quite a few of you out there did, too.

FX Legend Steve Johnson Instructs Classes 4 Characters

Ever wanted to learn how to run a mold or design a character makeup from the man who provided some of the groundbreaking FX for the classic An American Werewolf in London? For those in L.A., here’s your chance, as the legendary artist Steve Johnson is primed to instruct Classes 4 Characters.