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Scientists Clone Baby Dinosaur? Um... April Fools?

Well, file this under "No, Really?" Following in the footsteps of the fictitious scientists of Jurassic Park, apparently a baby dinosaur has been cloned in Britain. Didn't these people ever watch Gorgo? No good can come from this at all.

Ghost Haunting a Country Store Caught on Camera

Anytime someone presents a video of a "ghost" haunting caught on camera, it immediately gets our attention. Case in point: this pretty compelling tidbit which hit the Internet recently.

Leave Your Last Will and Testament Online

Anticipation of death can make you do lots of weird shit. Even worse, if something goes sideways, you're not gonna be around to stick up for yourself. For those of you wanting to get your points across, a new website has opened just for you!

Religious Quack Pat Robertson Warns that Horror Movies Give Demons Permission to Destroy Your Life

He opposes gay marriage. He refers to non-Christians as "termites." And now controversial televangelist Pat Robertson warns that horror movies can, and will, destroy your life.

Box of Dread Hitting Big With Horror Fans

Since we launched our Box of Dread subscription mystery box service a few months back, we've been experiencing steady growth and horror fans have been getting all sorts of cool swag and more delivered right to their doors! Check out the latest unboxing videos!

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Brittany Murphy and Husband Poisoned

File this one under really strange. Star Brittany Murphy passed away back in 2009. Several months later in 2010 her husband, Simon Monjack, died as well. Both causes of death were listed as natural - pneumonia and anemia. Now that doesn't seem to be the case.

Relax! Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why We're Safe from a Zombie Apocalypse

Most of us who are fans of zombie-themed movies, comics, TV shows, etc., don't really believe such a scenario is possible, but the undead do provide plenty of food for thought and creative expression. So, just how scientifically feasible are they? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson weighs in...

Montana Employee Reprimanded for Hiring Ghost Hunters to Investigate Haunted Office

I think it's safe to say that we've all done things that have pissed off our boss, whether it's spending too much time socializing with office pals or not meeting silly weekly quotas. But a woman in Montana has just come up with the most awesome way ever to piss off hers.

Spooky Records Shattered in The Guinness Book of World Records 2014 Edition!

Crazy carvers! Sizable sweets! Prodigious pumpkin pies! The fall is upon us, and with it comes the most terrifying of all holidays: Halloween! To celebrate, the ghoulish record keepers at Guinness World Records have summoned up their favorite frightening feats!

Frightening Video Captures Screaming Ghost in Haunted Hotel!

Giving the fictional Overlook Hotel's Room 237 a run for its money as the scariest hotel room in the world, Room 209 in Illinois' Wingate Hotel has been a hotbed of alleged paranormal activity over the years, with many guests reporting strange noises coming from the room.

Last Rites Gallery's 13th Hour Exhibit Highlights Dark Surrealistic Artwork

Dark surrealism is the theme of this year's Halloween art exhibit at New York's Last Rites Gallery, which will combine beauty and horror in equal measure. Read on for full details and to see a listing of the artists whose handiwork will be on display!

Dragon Spotted Flying Over England?!

Dragons aren't real, right? Much like Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster, they're mythical creatures of fiction, fantasy characters that can only be seen in movies and read about in stories... right?

Brooklyn Halloween Display Causes Controversy Amongst Residents

We can't help but laugh when we hear news report about uptight citizens getting up in arms about harmless Halloween decorations. One of the most fun aspects of the season is turning your lawn into a spooky display, which apparently has become grounds for reporters showing up at your home...