After Dark Original's Re-Kill: Six Minutes of Zombie Madness

Did you really think After Dark Films would let Halloween pass you by without doling out a few treats? Of course not! You know better! That being said, it's time for a nice long look at the After Dark Originals film Re-Kill!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Trailer and New Stills for After Dark's Re-Kill Surface

Here at Dread Central sometimes things come our way by nefarious means. We're totally okay with nefarious as long as no one gets hurt. Case in point ... We just sunk our claws into the official San Diego Comic-Con trailer for After Dark's Re-Kill! We also got ahold of some never before released stills for the film non-nefariously so it all evens out!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: A Peek at the After Dark Booth

After Dark Films always has one of the most fun booths at the San Diego Comic-Con, and we have a peek inside this year's version for you to dig on. Their theme for 2011? Re-Kill and Rise of Nightmares!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: SEGA Partnering with After Dark Films and Also Bringing a Pop-up Arcade to the Show

Now this is what we call a powerhouse team - SEGA and After Dark Films have formed a partnership for this year's San Diego Comic-Con highlighting Rise of Nightmares on Kinect for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system. Both companies also have some other cool things planned; read on for the details.

Exclusive: In Depth with Vincent J. Guastini on Scream of the Banshee and More!

Let’s face it… Special Makeup FX are the backbone of the horror genre. As engaging as storylines can be, as believable as acting is, and as competent as directing and cinematography are, fans pay money and put their asses in those seats or buy those DVDs and Blu-rays because they love the creatures.

Trailer Debut - After Dark Originals: Re-Kill

Another trailer has come our way from the good folks at After Dark Films for their zombie-themed After Dark Original Re-Kill, and we figured we'd share it with ya! The flick, which has been recently moved to an undetermined release date, stars Scott Adkins, Daniella Alonso, and Bruce Payne.

After Dark Original Re-Kill Being Given a Separate Theatrical Release

After Dark Films announced today that Re-Kill, originally slated to be released this Friday along with five other films as part of the After Dark Originals “A New Brand of Fear” series, is instead being pulled from the fest and will be held for a theatrical release later this year. From the Press Release:

After Dark Originals Main Event Trailer and Theater Locations!

We're almost there! Just a few more days and the new crop of horror goodies coming our way from After Dark Films, dubbed The After Dark Originals, will be crawling their way through theaters. We've got the whens and wheres along with the main event trailer for you!

After Dark Originals to Hit Theatres in January

The time is drawing ever so near ... That's right, kids! Every year in January After Dark Films provides horror fans with a fresh crop of flicks that have been specially selected to be part of their eight films to die for. This year, though, things are working a bit differently.

International One-Sheet: After Dark Originals: The Task

Another bit of international artwork for one of the upcoming After Dark Originals has come our way that begs the question: Are you up to The Task?

Boobs and Snakes! It's the After Dark Originals International Main Event One-Sheet!

Keeping with their theme of having an incredibly hot chick somehow being obscured by horrific themes, After Dark Films has released its international main event one-sheet, and we approve. Man, do we approve!

Exclusive International One-Sheet: After Dark Originals: Re-Kill

We just got our hands on the truly badass international artwork for one of the upcoming After Dark Originals, and all we can say is wow. If only America could be this ballsy with its cover art! We get floating heads. Pensive looking floating friggin' heads.

Complete Synopses for All Eight After Dark Originals

Wonder what to expect this fall from the eight announced After Dark Originals that After Dark Films is making in conjunction with Lionsgate and the Syfy Channel? Wonder no more! We've got the skinny on each!