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Otis Debut, Fist Pics

Lots of good stuff coming our way from Raw Feed’s Otis today; first up, the good news that the Tony Krantz-helmed movie is opening this year’s South by Southwest. Obviously Warner Bros. is pretty damn happy with Otis, made for their direct-to-DVD line, if they’re premiering it in front of such a hip crowd.

Exclusive: A Visit to the Set of Supermarket!

Somewhere tucked away in the sprawling Los Angeles metropolis there lurks Hastings Market; a supermarket that never really was. Shelves are stocked but the lines are always empty. A casual inspection of the butchery reveals that the majority of the meaty product has the distinct feel of rigid plastic.

Raw Feed's Supermarket Synopsis

Raw Feed keeps cranking out the horror films and even if they are direct to DVD, that doesn’t mean they have to be any less cool.

Believers (DVD)

Starring Daniel Benzali, Deanna Russo, Johnny Messner, Jeri Lynn Ryan, Jon Huertas Directed by Daniel Myrick Distributed by Warner Home Video

Exclusive: Otis Set Visit!

“Honey, I love you. Now go get the power tools.”

More Otis, Voodoo for Raw Feed?

This Raw Feed thing is really working out well for seemingly everyone involved. Two bits of news came down yesterday concerning the future of the direct-to-DVD line, which just recently announced another trilogy of movies; Otis, Rest Stop 2 and Supermarket.

Believers (2007)

Starring Johnny Messner, Jon Huertas, Elizabeth Bogush, John Farley, Daniel Benzali Directed by Daniel Myrick Bring out the Kool-Aid, folks! It’s time for a trip into the rarest of horror movie territories – the world of the doomsday cult!

Sublime (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Thomas Cavanagh, Katherine Cunningham-Eves, Kathleen York, Cas Anvar Directed by Tony Krantz Released by Warner Home Video

First Believers Pic, Release Date

Looking around online for a while, I came to realize that there’s just not a lot of info out there for Blair Witch Project co-director Dan Myrick’s The Believers, his entry into the Warner Bros. Raw Feed line of direct-to-DVD horror.

*UPDATED* Sublime Date Set

**UPDATE: Fangoria got the first look at the cover!** Though a lot of people who saw it may have had issues with Rest Stop, the first of Warner Bros. direct-to-DVD releases under the Raw Feed banner, the next entry in the series sounds like it has more potential to be genuinely scary.

Rest Stop (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Jaimie Alexander, Deanna Russo, Edmund Entin, Gary Entin, Joseph Lawrence Directed by John Shiban Distributed by Warner Home Video

Rest Stop Trailer Spotted

I know you’re all dying to see the first film from Warner’s Raw Feed line of direct-to-DVD horrors, Rest Stop, so perhaps we can satiate you a bit to hold you over until the film hits disc on October 17th. Wouldn’t want you hurtin’ anyone, now would we?

*UPDATED* Rest Stop Specs, Date Announced

Warner Bros. have finally announced the solid release date and specs for the first of the films being produced under their direct-to-DVD line Raw Feed, John Shiban’s Rest Stop. The story is about two friends on a road trip who get stuck at an out-of-the-way rest stop and are soon stalked by a mentally deranged psychopath.

Rock, Ben (Alien Raiders)

Who is Ben Rock? While the name may not immediately spring to min

Krantz, Tony (Otis)

Those of you who saw Tony Krantz’s first Raw Feed title, Sublime, may want to put that right out of your head before you sit down with Otis (review), due out on DVD from Warner Bros. on June 10th (pre-order).