Radio Silence

In Honor of Devil's Due - Convert to Satanism! Get a Prize!

20th Century Fox has come up with an interesting way for you cats to kick off your 2014: converting to Satanism in honor of their new release, Devil's Due. Don't get your panties in a bunch though... it's not as sinister as it sounds.

Demand that the Devil's Due Filmmakers Appear in Your Town!

Horror is heating up the box office in January 2014 with a trio of high-profile genre projects opening next month. Smack in the middle of the pack is Devil's Due, opening on the 17th, which has a "Demand It" campaign under way in which you could bring the filmmakers to your home town.

New Devil's Due Teaser Rings the Christmas Bell

20th Century Fox has dropped off a Christmas present for you good girls and boys in the form of a new teaser for Devil's Due. They're good like that! Bonus - even you naughty bastards can check it out! Have a merry!

Devil's Due Delivers an International Poster

20th Century Fox has just released a new international (UK) one-sheet for Devil's Due, and we like it... a lot! I mean, what with all the holiday cheer in the air, this is the perfect time for some anti-Christ inspired spookery! Dig it!

The Devil's Due on a Silent Night

20th Century Fox has just released a chilling new Silent Night video for their upcoming film, Devil's Due, and we have it for you right here complete with spooky choir and even spookier visuals. We love the holidays!

New Devil's Due Website Asks That You Pray for Sam

An international Tumblr site has opened for Radio Silence's feature film debut, Devil's Due. Check it out for all the goodies including a motion poster for the flick and more!

New Devil's Due Trailer Possesses the Internet

We don't know about you guys, but we are more than ready to kick 2013 straight in its ass! At least 2014 is already looking better, and even the Antichrist is ready to cheer in Radio Silence's feature film debut, Devil's Due. Speaking of which, here's a new trailer for you!

AFM 2013: New Stills, Artwork, and Trailer for Radio Silence

Not to be confused with the filmmaking troupe of the same name, some new stills, a trailer, and artwork have arrived for Radio Silence (formerly On Air); and as always we have everything you need right here.

The Devil's Due for a New Promo Clip and Instagram Account

More goodies have come in for Radio Silence's feature film debut, Devil's Due, and on tap right now are a new promo clip and directions to the official Devil's Due Instagram account.

The Devil's Due for a One-Sheet

20th Century Fox has given birth to the first poster for Radio Silence's feature film debut, Devil's Due, and we have it, the trailer and a whole lot more. Dig it!

Trailer and More Delivered for the Devil's Due

Just yesterday we brought you the first word regarding Radio Silence's feature film debut, Devil's Due, and on tap right now we have the trailer and a whole lot more. Dig it!

20th Century Fox Breaks Radio Silence and Releases Devil's Due

If there was a bright spot in the original V/H/S anthology, it was Radio Silence's haunting entry, which just blew us away. That's why we're really jazzed to see what the guys have cooked up for their feature film debut. Speaking of which...

Allison Miller Breaks Radio Silence for Unwanted

When we initially saw the horror anthology V/H/S we knew that one thing was for sure, the directing team of Radio Silence responsible for the film's haunted house segment was going places. In this case said places lead to Fox and a new film.

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Win V/H/S on Blu-ray!

Okay, so it's not quite the most authentic format for a found footage flick entitled V/H/S, but hey, who are we to argue when we get some goodies for you guys? Up for grabs is a copy of the aforementioned shocker on Blu-ray. Get in here to win!

V/H/S Headed to UK Homes, with a Very Special Screening!

Like it or not, the collective efforts offered up in found footage anthology V/H/S made quite the mark on the genre last year, and to celebrate the upcoming theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray UK releases, Momentum Pictures have one very special screening quite literally in store.