Rabid Love

Rabid Love Spreads in March

So what if by the time it comes out we'll already be a few weeks removed from Valentine's Day? Love of every kind should be celebrated. Even Rabid Love which may just lead to a burning, itching, and bleeding sensation.

Chicago Hosting Seventh Annual B-Movie Celebration with Robert Englund in Attendance

Founded in 2007, the B-Movie Celebration is just what its name says: a weekend to applaud the best of the B's. Historically held in Indiana, this year the fest is moving to the Hollywood Boulevard Cinema, Woodridge, Illinois, from October 25-27. Read on for the details.

Indie Flick Rabid Love Scores Distro!

One indie flick we've had our eyes on for a while now is Rabid Love, and word has come our way that it has scored itself some distribution. For you adventurous folks, Rabid Love is also playing as part of the B-Movie Road Tour!

Have a Peek at The Giant Spider to Be Featured on the B-Movie Road Tour

There is perhaps no better B-movie fare than the giant insect sub-genre of horror. The B-Movie Road Tour is currently featuring the retro-chiller The Giant Spider. What's the Road Tour all about? How giant is The Giant Spider? Read on.

B-Movie Road Tour Welcomes NEC Display on Board

The drive-in theater and horror movies go together like peas and carrots. And the folks behind the B-Movie Road Tour know that. The touring film extravaganza has now welcomed NEC Display as their lead sponsor.

The B-Movie Road Tour WANTS YOU

That's right! Your talents are being requested to be a part of the craziest, goriest, and blissfully cheesiest show on Earth... The B-Movie Road Tour! The powers-that-be are holding a contest to have one lucky artist create the official T-shirt for the event! Read on for details!

The B-Movie Road Tour Bringing Spooky Drive-In Fun to the Masses

Never mind the upcoming mega movie events of the summer! It's time to make you aware of an all new event whose combined budget probably wouldn't even be Man of Steel's craft services budget. Wolverine's maybe, but definitely not Man of Steel.

Sink Your Teeth into The Trailer for Rabid Love

We live in a world in which the next generation will never understand or get the concept of free love. In the Sixties and Seventies you could hump freely with pregnancy and minor STD's being your only worry. It's amazing how that generation has grown up into such stodgy old pricks with sticks up their asses.