The QuiET RoOM BeARs Rise Again, Check Out the Making-Of Trailer and New Site

Lee Howard might be as close to an evil genius as we've met in quite some time, with his most evily, geniusy project being The QuiET RoOM BeARs. For those of you who like to be surrounded by horrific memorabilia and figurines, a Quiet Room Bear might be your ultimate friend to the end.

Looking for a Twisted Gift for that Psycho in Your Life? Three Words: QuiET RoOM BeARs

You can go out to the store, especially this time of year, and grab some pretty disturbing merch. These past few weeks alone I've seen animatronics of guys puking in a barrel and mincing body parts with a cleaver along with an especially gruesome one of a torso with a giant rat gnawing at the innards as he shrieks and tries to crawl away. Pretty good, but there is something commercial and controlled about them. If you want simple runaway madness, unencumbered by corporate limitations, look no further than Lee Howard's QuiET RoOM BeARs.