The Scribbler Finds a Home at XLrator Media

What happens when you toss a gaggle of sexy ladies into a whacky and wild graphic novel? You get The Scribbler, which has just found itself a distribution home here in North America. You'll find all the mind-bending details right here!

First Poster for The Scribbler Defies Gravity

The very first one-sheet for The Scribbler from director John Suits has arrived, and it definitely has a new slant on things. Check it out to see what we mean, and look for more on this one as soon as we get it!

David Bruckner's Intrusion Begins This Year!

Good news is coming in for the new project from The Signal and V/H/S director David Bruckner entitled Intrusion as Lava Bear and QED International have come aboard to finance and co-produce the flick!

Imagination Worldwide Acquires Foreign Distro Rights for The Scribbler at Cannes

The Scribbler is on its way to Cannes, and we have the details for you right here. "You're only using a small portion of your brain. Ever wondered what the rest of it is up to?" Read on for the latest on the next flick from director John Suits.

Indie Horror Month 2013: Another Two Teasers Fly in for Bird with a Broken Wing

Indie Horror Month continues here on Dread Central with another two teasers for Cameron Cloutier's Bird with a Broken Wing. Check them out along with the original two teasers right here, and look for more soon!

David Bruckner Victim of an Intrusion

The Signal and V/H/S director David Bruckner has a new project in the works, and it's sounding like a winner. Read on for the first details pertaining to this latest cinematic Intrusion. Then go make sure your windows and doors are locked. Ya never know!

Comedown on this First Trailer

How about some more video goodness? Next on tap is the first trailer for the latest slasher film out of the UK, Comedown. You can dig on it right here without having to go and swim across the pond!

Home Video Artwork and Trailer Roll in for Rosewood Lane

The home video trailer and artwork for Rosewood Lane has hit the interwebs, and after watching, we have one question: Why is Goblin's Suspiria theme playing during the trailer? Odd. Very, very odd. Look for the flick on DVD and Blu-ray on September 11th.

Official Full Trailer Debut for Ramzi Abed's Noirland

What's this? A story that has nothing to do with Comic-Con or Fantasia? We can hardly believe it either, but when Ramzi Abed dropped us a line to let us know the full official trailer for his upcoming film Noirland is here, we jumped at the chance to share it.

Rosewood Lane Comes to DVD and Blu-ray this September

More distro news is coming in, this time for the new flick from the director of Jeepers Creepers, Victor Salva, entitled Rosewood Lane. Look for the flick on DVD and Blu-ray on September 11th. No specs have been announced yet, but stay tuned.

New Teaser Trailer for Ramzi Abed's Noirland

We've been talking about Ramzi Abed's Noirland for a few years now, but the indie filmmaker tells us that the official trailer will debut at the end of the summer, and he'll soon be announcing the film's LA premiere for this fall. In the meantime here's a new teaser that features co-stars James Duval and Elissa Dowling.

More Sales Art and a Still Comedown on the Interwebs

We have some new sales art and a still for Menhaj Huda's psycho-laden flick Comedown, which has been kicking around since 2009 and tells of the dangers of taking to the airwaves illegally. Listen up and check it out, kids!

UPDATED: Cast and Crew to Attend April 27th Screening of 96 Minutes in Burbank, CA

Time does indeed fly around these parts! It's been two years since we last did a story on Aimee Lagos' 96 Minutes, and now the film is debuting in limited theatres on April 27th. If you're in Burbank, be sure to read on as cast and crew will be attending a special screening that evening.

New Info in Lizzie Borden Case after 120 Years

It seems whenever people flip their lids and really go off the deep end, we can't get enough of the story... especially when a questionable court case is involved. This is certainly true in the historic Lizzie Borden double-murder case of 1892, and recently some new info has come to light.

Exclusive: Vesuvio Entertainment's Behind Your Eyes Lands US Distribution

Vesuvio Entertainment has finalized a U.S. distribution deal with film and DVD distributor Osiris Entertainment for director Clint Lien’s horror thriller Behind Your Eyes. The announcement was made by Greg H. Sims, CEO of Vesuvio.