Psalm 21

ONECLOUD Entertainment to Bring Swedish Thriller Psalm 21 to Los Angeles on October 25

Live in Los Angeles and want to check out some little known foreign horror flicks? ONECLOUD Entertainment has you covered. Starting October 25th at CGV Cinemas, Horror Nights at CGV will kick off with Psalm21, a Swedish horror film from writer/director Fredrik Hiller.

First Stills and New UK Trailer Debut: Psalm 21

It's been a long while since last we heard anything about Fredrik Hiller's Swedish horror flick, Psalm 21. March 24th, 2009 to be exact. The good news? The film has nailed down distro. The bad? It's not here in the States. The flick will be headed direct to DVD in the UK on May 30th courtesy of Revolver Entertainment. We'll keep our ears open for a Stateside release.

Creepy Psalm 21 Trailer

Swedish horror films look to be coming on strong as evidenced by the trailer for the upcoming film Psalm 21. Well, at least someone is making cool horror movies these days.