Promocion Fantasma

Cannes Horror Explosion: Eli Roth Enters The Green Inferno; War of the Dead and Promocion Fantasma Find Distro; The Possession of Michael King Comes Haunting; Last Exorcism Director Counts to 13

The horror news coming out of the Cannes Film Market is literally bursting at the seams! Here's all the latest in one neat little story. Read on!

Spanish Ghosts Graduate to English Language Remake

In Hollywood's never ending quest to remake any foreign film that it possibly can for English speaking audiences too lazy to read subtitles, we've got another on the horizon. Read on. Or don't. Other than what the movie is you've heard it all before.

Ghosts Graduate in Promocion Fantasma

It's comforting to know that the United States is not the only country that insists on churning out wretched looking horror comedies. Yep, just like Tribbles on the Enterprise, these things are everywhere. Behold in horror the one-sheet and trailer for Promocion Fantasma (Ghost Graduation).