Michael Fassbender on Prometheus - 'Breathtaking'

If there's one actor out there who is probably just as excited as fans are about the upcoming Ridley Scott Alien prequel Prometheus, it is Michael Fassbender. Every couple of weeks it seems as if he has more and more to say about it. Next up ...

More Prometheus Casting - Logan Marshall-Green to Romance Noomi Rapace

And the casting news for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus keeps on coming with a devil of a star joining the previously announced cast! Read on for the 411!

Noomi Rapace Gives the Skinny on Her Character in Prometheus

While we're still trying to nail down just what exactly Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus is (no easy task mind you), we are slowing learning about some of the film's characters.

More Prometheus Casting News - Rafe Spall On-Board

A bit more casting news coming in for Ridley Scott's is or isn't it an Alien prequel, Prometheus, and it appears that an actor who's no stranger to having a bit of red on him has joined the intergalactic fold.

Michael Fassbender Sheds a Bit More Light on Ridley Scott's Prometheus

We admit it. When it comes to Ridley Scott's is or isn't it an Alien prequel, Prometheus, we can't get enough info and teasers. And it seems that Michael Fassbender is our best source at the moment as the actor has spoken once again about the hush-hush project and how his character fits into things.

More Prometheus Casting News

And slowly the pieces are all coming together concerning Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, now titled Prometheus. More casting news has hit the net and we got the word on who you can expect the Xenomorphs to become attached to!

More Prometheus Chatter - About Those Aliens ...

Some more chatter has found its way online pertaining to Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, now titled Prometheus. Wondering just how the Xenomorphs will be introduced? Wonder no longer.

The Space Jockey Will Return to Alien Prequel Prometheus

With the Alien prequel, now titled Prometheus, looming on the horizon, everyone's wondering just how much of the Alien universe will be explored in the upcoming film. While the jury is still out, we do know one familiar face coming back ... the space jockey!

Scoot McNairy Circling Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

After bursting onto the genre scene in Gareth Edwards' highly acclaimed Monsters, actor Scoot McNairy has gotten Hollywood's attention, and as a result the man has some really exciting projects on the table.

Michael Fassbender Talks Alien Prequel Prometheus

What's this? Two Prometheus stories just minutes apart from each other? Yep, that's how this unusually busy Friday is going. In any event there's been a lot of talk concerning just how much of a prequel Prometheus will be to Alien. Thankfully star Michael Fassbender is here to wash away some of the scary doubt.

Charlize Theron Heads to Prometheus To Tango with Aliens

Add some more star power to the ever growing cast of Prometheus, Ridley Scott's upcoming prequel to the runaway hit Alien. Looks like everyone behind this one has been pleased in terms of casting. Now just start making this thing already!

More on (the Alien Prequel?) Prometheus

Okay. We officially have a headache. Is Prometheus an Alien prequel? Is it an entirely different beast altogether? Or is it both? There's certainly a lot of confusion surrounding the Ridley Scott film, and no one on the inside is talking. Although ...

Alien Prequel Prometheus Finds its Male Lead

Let's face it. Sharing the screen with an actor as talented as Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace is no easy task. She needs a co-star who's not only up to the challenge but has the acting chops to pull it off. Director Ridley Scott has found his choice for just such a co-star.

Make a New Date with (Alien Prequel) Prometheus

We're not entirely sure just how much of a prequel to Alien Ridley Scott's new film Prometheus will be, but being that H.R. Giger is still involved, there's hope!

Alien "Prequel" Gets a Title and a Leading Lady

Okay, now this is some news we can celebrate going into the weekend! Not only does the Ridley Scott "Alien prequel" have a title and a star (one we couldn't be more excited about), but we also have a better idea of how it fits into the Alien mythos.