Twilight Saga Producing Team Looking to Become Legend

Yet another literary trilogy has been picked up by a studio for adaptation into a film series even before the first volume has hit bookstore shelves. This time it's CBS Films acquiring rights to Marie Lu's Legend, which Twilight Saga producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey will produce through their Temple Hill banner.

Welcome to Harmony! While You're Here, Enjoy the Apocalypse!

Ah, the apocalypse! So rife with horrors! For years the subject of the end of days has been utilized to unleash unstoppable terror on moviegoers (unstoppable unless you have Schwarzenegger armed with a rocket launcher, that is), and there's more on tap!

Teaser Trailer for The Day Explodes onto the Interwebs

Ah, the apocalypse. You're such a tease! When will you rear your head? 2012? When the horsemen come back? In time for the rapture? Whatever your beliefs or lack thereof, there's no denying that the prospect of the world's end is a pretty intense one.

Vektor Now Available on DVD; Sequel Announced Along with Sothos & Haven Red

On October 30th Croatian thriller Vektor had its premiere at KIC Art Kino in Zagreb. From all accounts it was a success, and the film is now available on DVD. But instead of resting on their laurels, the filmmakers have announced not only only a sequel, entitled Vektor: Terminal Apocalypse, but also two new genre projects: Sothos and Haven Red.

AFM 2010: Six Bits of Art for The Day

That damned pesky apocalypse is rearing its head again, and humanity is about to pay and pay big time in this latest siege warfare based indie action thriller, The Day.

Official Trailer Debut for Ivan Rogar's Vektor

Things are obviously heating up for the Croatian thriller Vektor produced and directed by Ivan Rogar as its official trailer is now live, and we've gotten word from Rogar that the film is premiering in Zagreb this month. Vektor was written by Josip Fackovic and stars Fackovic, Rogar, Danijela Tepic, Alan Hrehoric, and Tamara Kefelja. Its synopsis follows:

A Final Clip from Croatian Thriller Vektor

We haven't heard much about producer/director Ivan Rogar's Vektor since this past May, but apparently things are progressing nicely in post as Roger has provided us with a "final" clip from the film in anticipation of a DVD release this fall. Vektor was written by Josip Fackovic and stars Fackovic, Rogar, Danijela Tepic, Alan Hrehoric, and Tamara Kefelja. Its slightly modified synopsis follows:

Teaser One-Sheet Debut and Premiere News: Devil's Playground

The teaser art for the next zombie themed epic coming out of the UK, Black and Blue Films' Devil's Playground, has come our way; and it's void of floating heads, pensive looking teens, and all the rest of the cliché horseshit we're spoon-fed here in the States.

Melancholia Begins Production

Next year's feel good movie from Lars von Trier, Melancholia, is officially on its way to probably depress you, confuse you, and put you in a bad mood. That's just what he does with his movies, man! Well, that and lots of humping, but that's another story.

Cover Artwork for After Dark Comic Issues #0 and #1

Nothing like a little post-apocalyptic mayhem to pique our interest in a new comic. Especially when it comes from the likes of director Antoine Fuqua (Brooklyn’s Finest, Training Day), actor Wesley Snipes (Blade), and award-winning writer Peter Milligan (X-Statix, Skreemer). And that's exactly what we have in Radical Publishing's upcoming After Dark.

Exclusive First Stills: The Devil's Playground

It's the end of the world as we know it, and as long as the undead are involved, we'll feel fine! Just got our hands on some exclusive new stills from the latest release from Black and Blue Films, The Devil's Playground, and we're happy to say that this end of days opus will be sporting some good old fashioned zombie carnage laced in with the myriad of horrors awaiting our survivors at every turn.

A New Clip from Croatian Thriller Vektor

It's been a few months since we've had any sort of update on post-apocalyptic thriller Vektor coming out of Croatia, but we've learned the film is now in post-production with a third clip available for viewing. Director, writer, actor, and musician Ivan Rogar dropped us a line with the update. The film, written by Josip Fackovic, has an anticipated release date after the second half of 2010, and its synopsis follows.

Metro 2033 (Video Game)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Available for the PC and Xbox 360 (reviewed) Published by THQ Claustrophobia: claus·tro·pho·bi·a (klô'strə-fō'bē-ə) n. An abnormal fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces.

Ray Wise Set to Destroy Kyle Rankin's Nuclear Family

Kyle Rankin, writer and director of the post-apocalyptic horror flick Infestation, is heading back to the subgenre that afforded him some critical success with another futuristic horror project. If you’re of the mind that we don’t get enough cannibal, mutant rapists in our steady diet of horror flicks, then you’re in luck!

Viz Launching New Series Dorohedoro

On Tuesday, March 16th, Viz Media's new series Dorohedoro will debut. The gritty urban sci-fi/horror saga is both written and illustrated by Q Hayashida, who is known for her bold art style and the way she seamlessly integrates alternate universes into her stories.