Get Possessed by the Official Trailer for The Last Exorcism Part II

Time for something other than the back-breaking one-sheet which arrived around a week or so ago. That's right, kids! The first official trailer for The Last Exorcism Part II and a new still have arrived to haunt you in your sleep and elsewhere!

Bend Over Backwards to See the New One-Sheet for The Last Exorcism Part II

Remember that psycho looking one-sheet for The Last Exorcism that featured Ashley Bell bending backwards? Well, the folks behind the sequel certainly do, and they're giving us yet another back breaking bit of eye candy.

CBS Films to Release The Last Exorcism Part II in March 2013; New Still Arrives!

CBS Films announced today that it has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to The Last Exorcism Part II from StudioCanal and will release the film on March 1, 2013. They also sent over a new still.

Demons Find Sanctuary at Paramount

Paramount keeps on rolling with yet another tale of demonic possession. Hopefully this one won't send 99.9% of the movie-going audience into a spite-filled frenzy of hatred and disdain. Read on for the skinny.

AFM 2012: Official Synopsis Arrives for The Last Exorcism 2

An official sales synopsis is here for The Last Exorcism 2, and we have all the details that you need to prep for your second tango with Nell and her pesky demon friends. Read on for the skinny, and look for more soon!

Lots of Last Exorcism 2 Casting News. Is This the Face of Pure Evil?

According to its IMDB page, the full cast has been announced for The Last Exorcism 2. Being that IMDB isn't what you would call the pillar of truth, take this all with a grain of salt, but there's one bit of casting news that has caught our eye in particular.

Plot Details Emerge for The Last Exorcism Sequel

There's a lot of mystery surrounding the sequel to The Last Exorcism, but some plot details have come to light that are tastier than any Eucharist we've ever eaten. Dig it!

Possible Last Exorcism 2 Casting News

Over on the rarely reliable Internet Movie Database, the full cast has been revealed for the R-rated follow-up to the 2010 PG-13 film The Last Exorcism. Given the source, we'll just take this with a grain of salt.

The Last Exorcism II Gets a Title

So what's in a name? A lot if you read into it, and the title of the recently announced R-rated follow-up to the 2010 PG-13 film The Last Exorcism screams all kinds of craziness. Read on!

First Clip from The Monk Arrives in the Name of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, Amen!

Time for some video, kids! On tap for you next is the first clip from Vincent Cassel's latest flick, The Monk. Fill you Super-soaker with holy water and start spraying! Huzzah!

Duck Dodgers Meets The Exorcist in the 21st Century

Okay, so this has nothing to do with either Daffy Duck or Loony Tunes. That headline was a momentary bit of madness that has us grinning from ear-to-ear. What we have here, kids, is a new documentary detailing the fight against Big Red!

Ouija Board Leads to Possession

We get sent a lot of videos around these parts. Some are good, most are bad...and some? Well, some scare the shit out of us. This latest video falls into the latter category. Check it out.

Vincent Cassel Beats off the Devil in The Monk

I dunno. I think we'd rather see Vincent Cassel play the devil instead of slay the devil. He has the perfect face to go all demonic and stuff. Either way we've got the international trailer and artwork for his latest film, The Monk, for you!

The Pact and Lovely Molly Find International Distro at EFM; Synchronicity Films Climb The Devil's Staircase

Two more genre flicks have gotten some international distribution at Berlin's big dance, the European Film Market, and a new project has been announced! We've got the info on each. Read on for details.

The Devil Has Soiled The Cloth

Big red is at it again with yet another poor soul being tortured by him and his demonic henchmen! That's right, kids! Grab your bible and light your candles. A man of The Cloth is on his way with bad intentions.