Trailer, Stills, and New Artwork for the UK Blu-ray Release of Possession

A few weeks ago our UK readers got the good news that Andrzej Zulawski's Possession is on its way to Blu-ray from Second Sight, and today we have a trailer, a couple of stills, and some new artwork to share.

Trailer for Delivery Makes it in on Time

Have a cigar! Brian Netto’s Delivery is set to play at the Los Angeles Film Festival June 18 and June 21, and to mark the occasion, we have a new trailer for the flick! Check it out!

Spend a Few Days with an Exorcist in Asmodexia

The devil. Can the world possibly get enough of the big red bastard? Apparently not because yet another horror flick is getting ready to exorcise your demons... one with an odd little name that we first heard about during Cannes. Read on for a few more details on Asmodexia.

Two New Stills Are Born for Delivery

On tap right now for you cats who are fans of tales of evil babies are two new stills from Brian Netto’s Delivery, which is set to play at the Los Angeles Film Festival June 18 and June 21. Check 'em out!

New One-Sheet Arrives for the L.A. Film Festival Special Delivery

Brian Netto’s Delivery is set to play at the Los Angeles Film Festival June 18 and June 21, and to mark the occasion, we have a new one-sheet created specifically for the event! Check it out!

Possession Finally Hits Blu-ray... in the UK

Andrzej Zulawski's Possession is a movie that's pretty hard to track down in its uncut form. Sure, expensive bootlegs are floating around the usual haunts, but our friends across the pond are now OFFICIALLY getting the goods while we sit on our thumbs here Stateside.

The Vatican Tapes Set to Sell Quickly at Cannes

Some quick news is coming in from the Cannes Film Market that must be music to both Lionsgate's and Lakeshore Entertainment's ears. It sounds as if The Vatican Tapes is poised to be a rather hot property at the big dance!

A Few New Clips and Images from Dominik Moll's The Monk

With The Monk now in select theatres and available On Demand and via digital download, we figured there was no better time than today to share some new clips and images with you all!

Monk, The (2013)

Starring Vincent Cassel, Déborah François, Sergi Lopez, Geraldine Chaplin Directed by Dominik Moll

Things Get Steamy in this New Clip from The Monk

Okay, it's time to hide your kids and make sure the boss ain't looking because we've got a new red-band clip from The Monk to show you cats. Check it out right here, right now. Like that old Jesus Jones song but with Vincent Cassel.

The Last Exorcism Part II - Dig on This Demonic Mash-Up

Are you possessed by the Devil? The dark force can take new forms to capture your mind, body and soul. Explore all of the scary, memorable, fun, and unique forms that the Devil has taken through our favorite satanic films with this neat video!

You Can't Run From the Latest Clip from The Last Exorcism Part II But You Can Speak Spanish

Another clip from The Last Exorcism Part II has popped up online, and you can dig it right now and not even have to worry if you have enough holy water to get you through the trauma. Check it out along with a Spanish TV spot! ¡Ay dios mío!

First Stills from the Devilish Tale Iniquitous

Iniquitous - [i níkwitəss] Utterly harmful and wrong: immoral, especially in a way that results in great injustice or unfairness. Sounds like our kind of subject matter! On tap for you demon-loving cats out there are the first ever stills from one hell of an Iniquitous movie!

New One-Sheet for The Last Exorcism Part II Is All Red in the Face

We're getting closer and closer to being able to exorcise our demons theatrically as the sequel to The Last Exorcism is right around the corner. To help usher it in, we've got a brand new one-sheet for you to drink in! Dig it!

A Second UK Trailer for The Last Exorcism Part II Contorts Itself Online

A second trailer for the UK release of The Last Exorcism Part II has landed online, and of course we grabbed it to share with our friends across the pond. Check it out right here!