Dinner for Fiends: Death Racing Out of the Closet

Another new Dinner for Fiends!I don’t know what it is about discussing a Paul W.S. Anderson movie, but for some reason it made us all really … gay. The homosexual under and overtones in this Dinner for Fiends made us all take a long, hard look at our own sexuality. We found it disturbing.

Anyway, if you’re not too uncomfortable with a bunch of straight guys talking about un-straight things like “>Death Race (review), really good things like “>Let the Right One In (review), or incredibly badass things like His Name Was Jason and The Minions of Ka, this DFF is for you!

Join myself, Uncle Creepy, Andrew Kasch, The Foywonder, Syxx and a special run-in by Minions of Ka co-creator Mike Furno as all this and more is discussed! No new words are invented this time, but some very disturbing truths are revealed…

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    • Doc Block

      Completely nailed everything that was wrong with Death Race. My friend was the one who wanted to see it, so I just went to see if it was at least semi-cool. The first thing he said as we walked out of the theater was “what the fuck was that?” (reffering to Statham’s ending monologue).

      Great DFF guys!

    • Cash Bailey


      Oh God, I nearly lost a fuckin’ lung!!

      Also ‘Gunner’ is pronounced with a short ‘u’ as you would say ‘put’, not a long ‘oo’ like in ‘goon’.

      Aren’t you glad I’m here to tell you these things?

    • RikGriff

      As a gay person myself, I find Anderson’s films make me feel like bashing straight people. Well, okay…. just Paul W.S. Anderson.

      And Ulli Lommel… but then again, who the fuck needs a reason to bash him? Gay and straight alike can put aside their differences for at least that.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Amen, my brother. Amen.

    • Cash Bailey

      If you want to talk about Anderson talking a good game and not delivering, I remember years go when Tom Cruise was actually going to star in this (then called DEATH RACE 3000) and the film Anderson described at the time was a huge futuristic sci-fi movie with racing scenes that sounded like WIPEOUT: THE MOVIE.

      Obviously the project was downsized somewhat on its way to the theatre, although Cruise still retains producer credit.

      • Tsotha-lanti

        Perhaps he should have tried to get the movie rights for “Wipeout” instead of the remake rights for “Death Race 2000” then. 🙂