Dinner for Fiends: Two Years of Dread!

Brand new Dinner for Fiends!As some of you may be aware, tomorrow (July 4th, 2008) is Dread Central’s two-year anniversary online as our own independent, ass kicking, horror loving, monster hugging entity. And we thought it only appropriate that we celebrate with a special stroke-filled Dinner for Fiends!

Never have so many straight men gathered together to love one another so thoroughly. All right, that sounds bad, but this DFF is a bit of a love fest among myself, Creepy, Kryten, Foy, Kasch and the illustrious Joe Lynch, making his triumphant return to DFF! Praise is heaped out on each and every one of us, all the staffers who couldn’t make the show, and of course you, the horror loving freaks who make it all possible. Oh, and we also tear Mother of Tears (review) a new one.

Make sure you’ve got a long car ride or commute ahead of you cause this one’s long, just how we like it. That sounded bad, too, didn’t it? Just download it, damn you! And don’t forget to VOTE FOR US ON PODCAST ALLEY!

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    • Cash Bailey

      Congrats, you magnificent bastards!!

      I’m raising a drink right now to many more anniversaries to come.

    • Sirand

      Bad economy, environmental crisis, gas prices, bogus war… Yay, freedom!

      • Chainsaw

        They couldn’t do it without us!

        USA!! USA!! USA!!

    • PelusaMG

      So there IS something to celebrate on the 4th July!

      You know, it’s hard finding any joy on the 4th July each year when you’re a Brit living in America. Especially when you also pay taxes but cannot vote.

      “Happy 4th July”… Oh fuck off!!!


    • Sirand

      …Or The Uncle Creepy “Machine” Drinking Game

    • MagusMaleficus

      Sweetness–epic masturbatory glory for my listening pleasure whilst I work today. You dudes deserve to pat yourselves on the back. This site is–as Dave Chappelle might say–the shiznittlebamsnipsnapsack.