Dinner for Fiends: Ruination

New Dinner for Fiends!Sorry for the long time between these podcasts, kids. If you need someone to blame, feel free to blame Uncle Creepy; though not really his fault, he can take it better than anyone else.

So this time we have myself, Creepy, Kryten and Kasch (a lotta hard “K” sounds…) discussing a studio horror movie that didn’t suck: Carter Smith’s “>The Ruins (review). As is generally the case that’s not the only thing we talk about; be sure to listen long enough to hear Creepy read some of the best “fan mail” we’ve ever received!

You know what to do, so get clicking below! And don’t forget it’s a whole new month so VOTE FOR US ON PODCAST ALLEY if you know what’s good for ya!

Oh, and I should warn you; the beginning of the show is very much NOT WORK SAFE so if, for some reason, you listen to it at work, keep the volume down!

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