Dinner for Fiends: Into the Mist

New Dinner for Fiends is ready for your ears!The Mist (review) is one of those films that, we hope, is going to be discussed and dissected for years to come. It’s a fantastic adaptation of a Stephen King story with just the right amount of liberties, but that ending … Wowzers.

So of course, being the opinionated loudmouths that we are, we had to get together and pull the movie apart at its seams. Unfortunately we let a few too many people in on this one so at times it gets chaotic, but then with a movie like The Mist that might have happened if there were only three of us.

Listen in as myself, Uncle Creepy, Andrew Kasch, The Foywonder, Kryten, Morgan Elektra and returning champion Joe Lynch discuss just what in the hell Darabont was thinking and why we still love him for it.

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  • Johnny Butane

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    Johnny Butane

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    • Johnny Butane

      Kasch pointed out that his levels were painfully high, so I leveled us all out and re-uploaded it. It’s slightly bigger now but sounds way better, so please re-download if you can. Thanks!

    • ImTheMoon

      “everything about this movie looks…..” oh the irony I enjoy open unfinished endings but not with a podcast, I would like to know what it looks like

    • joey1242

      yes i agree, they should talk about AWAKE, and FINAL DESTINATION 4!!!! I also love Dinner For Fiends…one every night would be awesome!!! But yeah, please talk about and review AWAKE…can’t wait to see it Friday with my fiends jks friends lol!!!

    • incubusfan2006

      you guys really need/should have discussed AWAKE which hits theaters Friday, i heard it’s really disturbing…i would love to hear your guys take on it. Plus, Dinner For Fiends is awesome, i have all of them on my ipod…one every night would be awesome..MAKE MORE!!! I love em!!! But yeah, make AWAKE your next topic…maybe after the box office results are in!!!!

    • Azrael

      Interesting conversation although it was probably a little too much talking over each other than any serious consideration of the other person’s point.

      And all that talk about comparing it with ‘The Fly’ and ‘The Thing’ reminded me of a quote, I think by Leonard Maltin, about ‘Dawn of the Dead’ – “wildly overrated by some critics” (which was probably a shot at Ebert).

      Ah, but that’s part of the allure of horror – what’s stupid dreck to one person is another person’s treasure.

    • Morgan Elektra

      I haven’t seen it… but I almost could anyway. It was playing in the theater next to the one we saw The Mist in…. and every quiet moment of the Mist was overtaken by the sound of the frickin’ music from Enchanted.

    • Kryten Syxx

      We should have discussed the horror known as Enchanted.