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Dinner for Fiends: Sex Type FiendsHere we go, folks. A real Dinner for Fiends. No scheduling conflicts. No bird attacks. The usual suspects (Creepy, Buz, Foy, Fini, Kasch) have finally all assembled for a new episode. You would think with only two new wide release horror movies this past month, there wouldn’t be that much to talk about; yet, somehow we jam packed it to feature length.

We covered so many random topics amid the usual October movie offerings that much of this show has become a blur. What has not become a blur is the hilariously insane turn the first hour of this 90-minute edition took.

Where to even begin with how to describe this episode? Who would have ever thought that Creepy opening up the show asking if any of us have seen The Human Centipede 2 would spiral into a raucous half-hour debate over… You know what; just listen for yourself. It could be the most offensive 30 minutes in DFF history. It most certainly ranks amongst the most unlikely conversations in podcast history.

You’ll also hear our disappointed take on the prequel/remake/premake/requel of The Thing followed by a very spirited debate over Paranormal Activity 3. Beware of spoilers. Beware of tongue lashings.

We round it out with some viewer mail that ranges from gracious to bizarre.

If you missed it… check out the now infamous “Fuck the Raven, Nevermore” mini-episode!

If you’re in need of a Dinner for Fiends fix, then here’s a bountiful buffet of our usual lunacy, humbuggery, and … well … dolphin rape.

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    • theGoldenSimatar

      To be honest, The Thing premake wasn’t that bad. The ending was definitely out of left field and the criticisms are understandable. But; in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it was horribly bad, horribly good. It was (as said ) kind of just there. I had no problem with the inclusion of CGI as long as it’s used for material that couldn’t be don practically. And some of the stuff they were doing with the creature couldn’t be done practically.

      I think though I have an explanation for the creature being more aggressive and in the open. It just woke up from 100,000 years frozen state; it’s probably disoriented and even as it’s senses came back thought that humans were weaker and easier to assimilate. Cause if you noticed, after Girl-Thing is BBQed; the Thing goes undercover again till it’s found out.

      So, wasn’t the worst film I’ve seen. I actually walked in with pretty good hopes and while I was a bit disappointed, still on the whole satisfied.

      And..to be honest. I do like Zombie’s Halloween films.

    • nazo

      I agreed with Foy about Paranormal Activity 3, not a good movie, but I’m kind of enjoying the series’ descent into silliness (I think silly was the word I used most to describe the movie to friends). At this point, they might as well call the next one Katie Goes To Hell: The Final Chapter. When you think about it, it’s pretty much impossible to be scared of an invisible man named Toby. However, I have to quibble with his complaint about the lack of good cinema verite in the “wake” of PA. What about Troll Hunter? It’s a different kind of cinema verite movie, but it still qualifies.

      Also, Yellowbrickroad had the worst ending of any movie I saw this year, with the possible exceptions of the entire running time of Fright Night and Rubber. It pulls off the rare feat of being both pretentious and hollow.

      FWIW, the best five horror movies of last decade for me were, because I have an irrational affinity for lists, (in reverse order) Slither, Shaun Of The Dead, Pontypool, Trick ‘R Treat, Let The Right One In. I take solace in the fact that four of those movies weren’t on that Slant list. It made me feel more intelligent.

      And I’m going to pretend that first half hour of the show didn’t happen 🙂

      • Foywonder

        In my complaining about good cinema verite I should have pointed Troll Hunter and in particular the Rec movies. Like Cloverfield, they’re really of a different breed of cinema verite than Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch-style found footage films, which is what most of these cinema verite movies look like and follow a very specific pattern that tends to lead to excessive tedium for most of the movie.

        • nazo

          That’s true. I’ve avoided those Paranormal Entity type movies like the plague, so I don’t think of them immediately. I guess you could split cinema verite movies into those with visible or invisible antagonists (although I haven’t seen Blair Witch, so I’m not sure if that formulation totally works in reference to that movie).

      • The Woman In Black

        I so agree about YBR’s ending. It could have really been something special instead of just another “what were they thinking?” disappointment.

        • nazo

          I didn’t hate the rest of the movie, I think they just painted themselves into a corner with the premise, and decided to go with an “artsy” ending that made no sense.

          • The Woman In Black

            It would have been so much better (IMO) if

            — SPOILER ALERT —

            everyone had met back up in the theatre instead of just the one guy showing up there. Like you said, it just made no sense and seemed artsy fartsy for artsy fartsy’s sake.

            • Sirand

              But that makes even less sense. That character was the only one to follow the road to the end. He’s the only one who gets to “meet the wizard” so to speak. To have all his dead buddies there would be such a cliche.

            • kiddcapone

              Oh, well there ya have, he met the wizard at the end. It all makes sense now, I stand corrected. Yellowbrickroad fucking rocks! Now if only the wizard was wearing white gloves I’d bump the flick up a few more notches…