Dinner for Fiends: Knowing about the Haunting

The latest Dinner for Fiends is here!All right, kids! Time to strap in for a double dose of DFF goodness as we tackle both The Haunting in Connecticut and Nicolas Cage’s latest disasterpiece — Knowing!

That’s right! It’s over an hour of clever conversation, Christian dance movies, hate mail, dick jokes, making fun of Cage’s loopy toupee, and yet another rant by Foy that seems to be on the endless side of the spectrum!

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  • Oh and wait … before you go … check out this video which ended up being a point of discussion and don’t ever say we don’t go the extra mile for ya! Something about it just fuckin’ spooks me!

    Uncle Creepy

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    Steve Barton

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    • Morgan Elektra

      Great show guys! Buz was especially unannoying. 😉

      Incidentally, where did this rumor start that I hate The Mist? That is completely false. I hate the very END of The Mist. The first 80 minutes were in the Honorable Mentions of my year end best list!

    • Cash Bailey

      “Hell yeah!!” still cracks me up every time.

      And I agree with Creepy, people who pull April Fool’s jokes deserve regular beatings about the head, face and neck.

      • Uncle Creepy


    • El Regio Dude

      How much pesos do you think i can waste watching “Knowing”?
      That movie just opened last Friday in the City…

      “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”

      • The Woman In Black

        Save your pesos, dude. Have a cerveza or two instead.

    • Daniel

      Are there problems with iTunes?

      • Uncle Creepy

        It will be up tomorrow. There’s a tech glitch! Sorry for the inconvenience.

        • Daniel

          Ok. Thanks.

    • El Regio Dude

      Nice show, guys,

      I´m from México, my english sucks, and definitely lost money because of a Nomad´s review (i buy the “Postal” DVD, because it had a five star rating in Dread Central… for $390 pesos / like $30 dollars…)

      But i´m not the same guy of the angry letter to Buz, just for the record. Maybe some friend of mine… i recommend this site to a lot of people.

      I just don´t quite like the music in the last podcast, that´s it.

      “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”

      • The Buz

        I’ll be honest and say that I thought it might have been you since you were so adamant about the music not being in it. Even if it was you who wrote the letter though man, it gave me a good laugh. No big deal! 😀 Thanks for the response.

        • El Regio Dude

          Hell yeah!, i know you really can get the best of a critic, and take it like a man, but in that case it was not me, dude.

          “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”